Nike Academy Team Football – Engineered for Optimal Ball Control and Touch


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Take your game to the next level with the Nike Academy Team football. Thoughtfully designed for budding footballers, this high-performance match ball delivers the excellent touch, feel, and flight you need to sharpen your skills on the pitch.

Innovative Graphics Enhance Ball Visibility

The Nike Academy Team football features bold, high-contrast graphics that make it easy to track the ball’s movement, no matter how quick the play. The striking design stands out against grass, turf, or hardcourt surfaces, helping you keep your eye on the ball during dribbling, passing, and shooting drills. Enhance your overall ball control when you can see and react to the ball more clearly.

Textured Paneling Provides Consistent Grip

Molded grooves patterned across the ball’s exterior are optimized to distribute grip evenly across the entire surface area. This textured paneling gives you consistent control and touch every time the ball makes contact with your foot or hands during play. Respond and maneuver the ball with precision thanks to the enhanced traction.

Built for Touch and Responsiveness

Constructed using a specialized blend of 60% rubber, 15% polyurethane, 13% polyester, and 12% EVA, this football retains its shape while also absorbing impact effectively. The materials work together to produce a forgiving, responsive feel at contact. Cushion your touches and gain better control of each pass, dribble, and shot.

Durable Materials Withstand Heavy Use

Built from high-grade materials engineered to withstand aggressive, repeated use on the pitch, this Nike football retains its quality and performs consistently day after day. The sturdy exterior stands up to powerful strikes and hard contact without compromising the ball’s responsiveness or flight. Built for longevity, this ball is a smart investment guaranteed to last.

Official Size 5 Specifications

This football meets official size 5 specifications with a circumference of 27-28 inches, allowing it to be used for competitive league and tournament matches. The standard dimensions also help build player skills that directly translate to game performance. Add this quality ball to your training routine as you develop the touch and precision needed to succeed during gameplay.

Lightweight for Quick Maneuverability

Weighing just 0.329 kilograms, the Nike Academy Team football has a lightweight, low-profile build that cuts through the air seamlessly. The reduced weight allows for quicker shots, precision dribbling, and faster ball movement down the field. React and maneuver the ball quickly thanks to the lightweight responsiveness.

Perfect for All Pitch Conditions

Take this versatile match football from the field to the street with reliable performance across turf, grass, concrete, and hardcourt surfaces. The durable exterior and textured paneling provide great touch and control year-round, rain or shine. Enjoy casual kickarounds or competitive pickup games with a ball designed for play anywhere.

Ideal for Youth and Amateur Players

Thoughtfully engineered for aspiring players, this Nike football delivers the technology, durability, and performance young footballers need to elevate their developing skills. The consistent grip builds ball control while the responsive feel sharpens your touch. Bring out your best on the pitch with a ball designed for progression.

Trust the Nike Standard of Quality

With decades of experience crafting innovative athletic equipment, Nike is the name trusted by footballers around the world. This Academy Team football continues that legacy of excellence with advanced features tailored to help you reach the next level. Bring home the same ball used by youth and amateur academies worldwide.


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