Nike Alpha Huarache 8 Elite Mens Lacrosse Cleats – React Cushioning and X-Static Ankle Support For Agility on the Field




Take your game to the next level with the Nike Alpha Huarache 8 Elite lacrosse cleats. Specifically designed for the fast-paced, high intensity sport of lacrosse, these cleats give you the agility and quickness you need to dominate on the field.

The Nike React cushioning provides a smooth, responsive ride that minimizes stud pressure so you can focus on your footwork and cuts without discomfort. React foam is lightweight and durable, giving you long-lasting comfort and energy return with every step.

Built for containment and stability during those hard lateral cuts and accelerations, the X-shaped external heel counter cradles your foot. This creates a locked-in feel so your foot stays centered in the shoe as you swiftly change direction. The high cut profile adds support around your ankles, keeping you supported during cuts and pivots.

Frustrated with long break-in periods for new cleats? The Alpha Huarache 8 Elite lacrosse cleats have a flexible TPU plate that helps reduce break-in time so you get game-ready comfort faster. The pliable plate also provides flexibility for fluid movement as you sprint up and down the field.

Key Features:

  • Nike React cushioning – Delivers exceptional comfort and energy return
  • X-shaped external heel counter – Creates stability and a locked-in feel for lateral cuts
  • High cut profile – Provides structured ankle support during pivots and direction changes
  • Flexible TPU plate – Offers swift acceleration and reduces break-in time
  • Aggressive cleat plate – Durable traction optimized for the turf or synthetic grass of lacrosse fields

Responsive Cushioning

Nike React technology is at the heart of the Alpha Huarache Elite’s responsive cushioning system. Strategically placed under the foot, the React foam delivers a smooth, stable ride. The foam compresses on impact then immediately springs back, propelling you forward. This delivers exceptional comfort and energy return to keep you light, fast, and energized all game long.

Many cleats use stiff midsole materials that don’t absorb impact well, resulting in jarring sensation with each footstrike that can fatigue your body. The React cushioning system provides plush impact absorption so you experience less stud pressure and discomfort. The foam holds its shape over time and resists packing out for durable responsive comfort game after game.

Stable X-Static External Heel Counter

The Nike Alpha Huarache Elite lacrosse cleats are equipped with a supportive X-shaped external heel counter. This unique X shape wraps the rear and sides of the heel, cradling your foot for a secure contained feel. The external plastic counter stays robustly stiff to prevent your foot from sliding around in the shoe during sharp cuts or accelerations.

The integrated high cut ankle collar works seamlessly with the heel counter to provide all-around structured support. The snug fit around the ankle prevents rollover so you can plant confidently and pivot swiftly without fear of ankle rolls.

Flexible Cleat Plate

These Nike lacrosse cleats feature a flexible TPU plate for swift acceleration and footstrike transitions. The pliable material allows the forefoot to flex naturally as you sprint, keeping each step smooth and fluid. The flexible plate also helps reduce break-in time so you can take these cleats straight out of the box to the field without discomfort.

The aggressive cleat pattern is configured for optimal traction and control on synthetic or natural grass lacrosse fields. Conical studs at the big toe provide grip for digging in and pushing off during direction changes while bladed traction under the forefoot gives you the freedom to swiftly cut without slippage.

Breathable, Durable Upper

The upper of the Nike Alpha Huarache Elite lacrosse cleats uses a lightweight textile material for ventilation during intense gameplay. Synthetic leather overlays add structure and long-lasting support in key areas. The high cut collar integrates padded foam for a soft feel against your ankle.

Take your lacrosse game to the champion level this season with the Nike Alpha Huarache Elite. The React cushioning and X-Static external heel counter provide the foot-stabilizing comfort and support needed for relentless midfield charges, lightning-fast dodges, and crisp passes. With these lacrosse cleats under your feet, you’ll have the quickness and confidence to out-cut, out-hustle, and out-play the competition.


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