Nike Alpha Huarache ELT 3 Men’s Turf Training Shoes


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Take your training to the next level with the Nike Alpha Huarache ELT 3 men’s turf shoes. Designed for agility and speed, these lightweight shoes provide soft, responsive cushioning and excellent traction on artificial turf surfaces. With a bold, modern look, the Alpha Huarache ELT 3 shoes are ideal for football, soccer, lacrosse and other field sports training.

Secure, Breathable Mesh Fit

The upper of the Nike Alpha Huarache ELT 3 men’s turf training shoes features layers of flexible, breathable mesh that conform to your foot for a secure, glove-like fit. Strategically placed overlays provide structure and lockdown support in key areas. This lets your foot move naturally while remaining stable during quick cuts, sprints and change of direction movements.

Plush Cushioning for Comfort

Underfoot, a full-length Nike Renew foam midsole delivers responsive cushioning that absorbs impact and returns energy with every step. It provides soft, resilient padding that helps reduce fatigue during lengthy workouts. The low-profile design allows excellent ground feel so you can react and move explosively on turf surfaces.

Durable Outsole for Superior Traction

The rubber outsole features an aggressive traction pattern with multidirectional turf cleats that provide exceptional grip on artificial grass. The cleats are slightly higher along the perimeter for extra traction during lateral cuts. Rubber pegs on the forefoot, midfoot and heel also enhance grip and stability. Flex grooves promote smooth, natural motion.

Comfort Collar

A soft, padded collar wraps your ankle for a comfortable, non-restrictive fit. It keeps your foot securely contained without irritation during dynamic movements.

Breathable Mesh Upper

The Nike Alpha Huarache ELT 3 features a lightweight mesh upper that provides optimal ventilation during intense training sessions. The breathable material allows hot air to escape so your feet stay cool and dry. Strategically placed overlays provide structure and support.

Full-Length Renew Foam Midsole

A full-length Renew foam midsole runs the entire length of the shoe to deliver soft, responsive cushioning underfoot. It absorbs impact and distributes pressure evenly across your foot to keep you comfortable during sharp cuts and sprints.

Low-Profile, Stable Design

With a low, close-to-the-ground profile, the Nike Alpha Huarache ELT 3 men’s turf shoes promote stability during training. The low design facilitates freedom of movement while keeping you balanced and in control. It also provides excellent ground feel for optimal traction.

Aggressive Rubber Outsole

Durable rubber covers the entire outsole and features an aggressive traction pattern to provide exceptional grip on artificial turf. Cleats along the perimeter dig in for traction during lateral movements while forefoot, midfoot and heel pegs enhance multidirectional grip.

Flex Grooves for Natural Motion

Flex grooves along the outsole allow your foot to move naturally. The grooves bend and flex with your foot’s motion for smooth heel-to-toe transitions during sprints and changes of direction on turf surfaces.

Versatile Training Shoe

With their turf-optimized traction and athletic fit, the Nike Alpha Huarache ELT 3 men’s training shoes can handle a wide range of training activities. Use them for football, soccer, baseball and lacrosse drills. They provide great grip for sprints, agility ladder exercises and shuttle runs.


  • Synthetic leather and mesh upper for optimal breathability
  • Lightweight, low-profile construction
  • Full-length Nike Renew foam midsole
  • Rubber outsole with aggressive turf traction pattern
  • Flex grooves enable natural motion
  • Padded collar for ankle comfort

Bring your training up a notch in the Nike Alpha Huarache ELT 3 men’s turf shoes. With excellent cushioning and grip, they’ll keep you moving fast, agile and comfortable on turf surfaces.


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