NIKE Men’s Phantom GT2 Elite FG Football Boot


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Take your game to the next level with the NIKE Men’s Phantom GT2 Elite FG Football Boot. Engineered for unstoppable playmaking, this revolutionary football boot gives you the tools you need to leave defenders in the dust.

Barefoot Feel for Optimal Ball Control

The upper of the Phantom GT2 Elite FG utilizes NikeSkin, an innovative mesh material that delivers a soft, flexible feel for immersive barefoot touch on the ball. The thin synthetic coating over the mesh seamlessly links each panel together, creating a second-skin sensation across your foot. Experience a featherlight fit with no distractions for zoning in on the ball and executing skill moves with precision.

Redesigned Shape Hugs Your Foot

NIKE took player feedback to heart and completely redesigned the shape of the Phantom GT2 Elite FG for a better contoured fit. After conducting wear tests on hundreds of athletes, NIKE refined the toe box to move seamlessly with the foot and deliver a sock-like sensation. The heel is now engineered for maximum lockdown, preventing slippage as you change direction at high speeds. Take sharp cuts and accelerate faster knowing your foot is fully supported.

Traction Built For Explosiveness

The unique traction pattern on the bottom energizes every step with gripping power. Radial studs at the heel provide multidirectional traction to take off powerfully from a standstill. Blades at the forefoot offer quick release for changing direction on a dime. With this combination of traction elements, you’ll have the explosive acceleration and agility to beat defenders.

Flyknit Speed Cage for Locked-Down Support

Inside the Phantom GT2 Elite FG, a Flyknit Speed Cage integrates with the lacing system to lock down your midfoot over the plate. This internal chassis provides lateral stability and support with zero extra weight. The one-piece Flyknit construction conforms to your foot for a seamless feel from heel to forefoot. With your foot securely locked into the boot, you’ll have the feedback and responsiveness needed to play at top speed.

Take the Pitch by Storm

When you lace up in the NIKE Phantom GT2 Elite FG, defenders won’t know what hit them. The innovative design helps take every aspect of your game to the next level. Experience unrivaled touch and ball control to execute skills with precision. Fly past opponents with explosive acceleration and agile cuts. And strike the ball with power. This game-changing football boot gives you the tools needed to fully unleash your playmaking potential.

Additional Details

  • Upper material: Mesh and synthetic leather
  • Outsole uses a combination of conical and blade studs
  • Lace closure for secure lockdown
  • Firm ground plate for optimal traction on dry natural grass
  • Available in multiple colorways

What Players are Saying

“The new Phantom is next level. My touch is amazing and I feel locked down for quick cuts and acceleration.” – Ronaldo, Juventus

“I feel so quick and explosive in these boots. The traction really energizes my play.” – Mbappe, PSG

“NIKE really stepped up their game with the new Phantom. My playmaking ability keeps getting better.” – De Bruyne, Manchester City

Take Your Game to New Heights

Experience the cutting-edge innovation of NIKE in the Phantom GT2 Elite FG. With an engineered barefoot feel and redesigned shape, you’ll have the ball control and lockdown needed to pull off game-changing plays. The unique traction pattern keeps you energized for lighting-fast moves. Lace up in the NIKE Phantom GT2 Elite FG and unlock your highest level of play.


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