On Deck Sports Green Batting & Hitting Mat Pro – 3′ x 7′ Indoor/Outdoor Baseball Softball Practice Mat


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Improve your batting skills and swing mechanics with the On Deck Sports Green Batting & Hitting Mat Pro! This high-quality 3′ x 7′ mat is designed for indoor and outdoor use, providing a durable and portable hitting surface for baseball and softball practice.

All-Purpose Design for Any Space

Practice your swing anywhere with this versatile batting mat. The lightweight but sturdy construction makes it easy to move between your backyard, garage, batting cages, or local fields. The included carrying straps ensure convenient portability and storage.

The spike-resistant turf holds up well for both indoor and outdoor use. Take some cuts in your garage when the weather’s bad or set up a practice station in the backyard for fun with family and friends. Wherever you use it, the mat helps protect your floors and grass.

Realistic Surface for Developing Skills

The artificial turf surface simulates natural grass to help sharpen your batting skills. The dense turf material supports solid contact when hitting yet gives slightly on follow-through for realistic feedback. The authentic bounce helps you refine your swing plane and mechanics.

Use it for soft toss or with a tee to groove your stroke. The forgiving turf material builds confidence for younger hitters while providing a consistent surface for dialing in proper form.

Convenient Features for Individual or Team Practice

Several smart design features make this mat a versatile practice tool. The polypropylene fibers resist wear while providing a soft feel and lively bounce on contact. Built-in mold-resistant foam padding increases durability for long-lasting performance.

The 3′ x 7′ size accommodates multiple hitters, from tee work to live pitching. Foam padding extends 18″ past the batter’s box, providing extra safety margin. Fold-up rubber tee and home plate targets are included for convenience.

Two cutouts allow flexible tee placements for batters of all sizes. Adjustable nylon straps make the mat easy to carry and store when not in use.

Premium Quality Materials for Longevity

Constructed from premium materials, this mat is built to last through repetitive use. The artificial turf consists of dense 1.5″ pile fibers with a silica sand infill. An advanced UV coating protects against fading and damage from sun exposure.

The heavy-duty 12 oz. polypropylene backing and double stitched borders increase durability. Foam padding provides cushioning and minimizes wear in high contact areas.

All materials are 100% recyclable. The high-traction backing helps prevent sliding on indoor and outdoor surfaces.

Enhance Skills with Consistent, Realistic Practice

Sharpen batting mechanics, improve power and aim, and build muscle memory with consistent swings on this versatile mat. The authentic turf material provides unmatched realism for developing skills.

Perfect for all skill levels, it’s ideal for teams or individual practice. Easily set up indoors or out and fold away when finished. With unmatched durability and performance, the On Deck Sports Green Batting & Hitting Mat Pro is the ultimate practice solution!


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