OTDTUJOR Portable Basketball Hoop with Adjustable Height for Kids & Adults – Backyard Outdoor Hoop with Sturdy Base


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Give your family the gift of basketball with the OTDTUJOR portable basketball hoop! This outdoor hoop features an adjustable height from 4.2ft up to 10ft, allowing both kids and adults to get in the game.

The heavy yet portable base provides stability for aggressive play. Integrated wheels make it easy to move the hoop to the driveway, backyard, or neighborhood park. Transform any concrete or asphalt space into your home court!

Portable basketball hoop for kids and adults

Adjustable from Toddler to Pro Height

The telescoping pole adjusts from a low 4.2ft up to regulation 10ft with dual action mechanisms for safety and stability. Kids as young as 5 years old can develop fundamentals at the lowest setting.

As they grow in skills and height, simply raise the rim height for more of a challenge. The adjustable design means the whole family can participate in backyard games together.

Adults can join in the fun by lowering the hoop to relive the glory days. With a hoop that grows with your family, you’ll make memories that last a lifetime!

Heavy Base for Aggressive Play

This portable basketball hoop features a heavy 39.5lb base that can be filled with sand or water for extra stability. When filled, the base weighs up to 176lbs to withstand aggressive play, dunks, and hangtime.

The triangular shape and integrated wheels make it easy to maneuver the hoop around your driveway or yard into just the right position. Leveling screws allow you to stabilize it on any surface.

Once in position, the weighted base keeps the system upright during intense games so you can drive the lane without fear of tipping. The stable design means exciting backyard matchups for years to come.

Weather Resistant Parts for Outdoor Fun

Engineered for outdoor use, the backboard, rim, and poles are made of weather resistant materials to hold up to the elements.

The 43”x29” backboard is crafted from all-weather polyethylene plastic that stands up to UV rays and temperature fluctuations. The solid steel rim features an outdoor powder coating and heavy-duty net.

The powder-coated steel pole system withstands humidity and rain so you can play in any forecast. Enjoy hours of play rain or shine!

Compact Storage & Easy Assembly

When the game ends, the hoop folds down compactly for storage. The detachable pole simply unscrews into two pieces for transport or seasonal storage.

All hardware and tools are included for straightforward assembly. Detailed instructions walk you through each step. Typically, it takes about 90 minutes to put together with two adults.

Then fill the base, raise the backboard, and start practicing those jumpshots! Installing your home court has never been easier.

Create Lasting Memories Together

Pick up this adjustable portable basketball hoop and enjoy exciting matchups in your own backyard. Kids and adults alike will have a blast competing together.

The OTDTUJOR hoop grows with your family so everyone can get in the game. Order now and start making memories that will last a lifetime!


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