Pearl X and NX Greaseless Lacrosse Balls – Official Game and Practice Balls


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Tired of traditional lacrosse balls that get greasy and hard? Introducing the game-changing Pearl X and Pearl NX greaseless lacrosse balls from Guardian. Engineered for better performance and longevity, these balls represent the future of lacrosse.

Pearl X – Greaseless Game Ball

The Pearl X is the first grease-free lacrosse ball to meet NOCSAE standards for game play. This revolutionary ball maintains its texture and softness over time, providing consistent performance season after season. The Pearl X is the official game ball of US Lacrosse and Team USA.

What makes the Pearl X so special?

– Grease-Free – The innovative material does not get slippery or hard like rubber balls, maintaining ideal grip and feel during games

– Meets NOCSAE Standards – Pearl X is certified for live game play at all levels, including NCAA and NFHS

– Consistent Performance – Texture and softness does not change over time like traditional balls

– High Visibility – Bright white makes it easy to see during play

– Made in USA – Produced domestically in Guardian’s factories

Bring the ball played by the pros to your game with the Pearl X. This 50 pack provides season-long playability straight out of the box.

Pearl NX – Greaseless Practice Ball

For lacrosse players looking for a no-bounce, no-sting ball for passing, catching and stick drills, the Pearl NX is the perfect training tool. With a soft, lightweight feel, the Pearl NX improves handling skills without pain.

Key features of the Pearl NX Practice Ball:

– No Sting – Soft, plush texture eliminates sting when catching

– No Bounce – Stays where it lands for focused handling drills

– Durable – Long-lasting construction withstands constant use

– Visible – Bright colors make it easy to spot indoors or outdoors

– Weather Resistant – Stays soft in all temperatures and conditions

Take your training to the next level with the Pearl NX. Featuring a 20 pack of mixed color balls for versatile practice purposes.

The Guardian Difference

Guardian is the leader in lacrosse innovation and the main sponsor of US Lacrosse. With every purchase, a percentage of proceeds go directly to US Lacrosse to support athlete safety initiatives.

The greaseless Pearl lacrosse balls are the result of years of materials research and development by Guardian scientists. Using advanced polymer technology, they engineered a high performance ball that does not deteriorate like natural rubber.

With the Pearl X and NX balls, Guardian continues to revolutionize the sport of lacrosse. Experience the difference these industry-leading balls make for yourself today!

Buy With Confidence

Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. If you are not completely satisfied with the Pearl X or NX lacrosse balls, return them within 30 days for a full refund.

Bring the balls designed for champions to your game and see incredible results. Choose between the Pearl X official game ball or Pearl NX practice ball to take your skills to the next level!


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