Phenom Elite VPS5 White Football Receiver Gloves – Maximum Grip and Comfort


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Vapor-Stick Technology Provides Elite-Level Grip

Take your game to the next level with the Phenom Elite VPS5 White Football Receiver Gloves. Featuring patented Vapor-Stick technology, these gloves push the limits of legality for grip and tackiness. The combination of a sticky grip material and strategic grip placement allows you to catch anything thrown your way.

The Vapor-Stick grip covers the entire palm and fingers in a waffle texture that clings to the ball on contact. Extra grip along the pinky edge and between the thumb and forefinger give you even more catching control. Go all game without a single dropped pass thanks to the phenomenal grip.

Vapor-Dri Fabric Keeps Hands Cool and Dry

In addition to grip, the Vapor-Dri performance material ensures maximum comfort. This lightweight 4-way stretch fabric allows for a compression-like fit that moves with your hands. Increased breathability and moisture wicking technology keep your hands cool, dry, and comfortable all game long.

Vapor-Dri fabric contains silver ions that fight odor causing bacteria. Enjoy staying fresh and odor free even during intense games and practices.

Maximum Finger Dexterity for Easy Catching

Catching doesn’t stop at grip – you need full dexterity to secure balls one-handed or away from your body. The VPS5 gloves optimize finger movement to enhance your catching skills.

An ergonomic curve cut design maximizes dexterity while a flexible elastic wristband provides a secure fit. Silicone fingertips improve grip and control when catching with your fingertips. Smooth, lightweight material between the fingers increases movement and airflow.

Together, these features give you the dexterity and mobility needed to catch like a pro. Your hands become natural extensions of your body rather than restrictive mitts.

Strategic Padding Absorbs Impact

The VPS5 gloves provide strategic padding to protect your hands during intense gameplay. Foam padding along the back of the hand and fingers absorbs impact from the ball and other players. Internal finger sidewalls offer padded protection between fingers.

Cushion your hands without sacrificing dexterity or grip thanks to lightweight foam. Padding helps prevent injuries during games and practice, extending the life of the gloves.

Premium Materials and Construction

Phenom Elite uses only premium materials to ensure durability, performance, and quality. The gloves utilize 4-way stretch Lycra and Spandex for flexibility and a compression fit.

Silicone prints on the palm and fingers provide enhanced grip and control while silicone fingertips improve dexterity. The lightweight foam provides impact protection without bulk.

Meticulous construction and reinforced seams allow the gloves to withstand game after game. The VPS5 gloves provide the grip, feel, and performance needed for elite level play.

Customizable for Ideal Fit

Take advantage of the VPS5 glove’s customizable wrist closure for dialed fit. The dual Velcro wrist strap adjusts for your perfect fit whether you prefer a tighter, compressive feel or a looser, flexible fit. The straps also allow you to determine where the opening sits along your wrist.

Get your desired wrist mobility and breathability by customizing the dual strap closure system. Enjoy a dialed-in fit that enhances comfort and performance.

Designed for Elite Receivers

Specifically designed for receivers, the Phenom Elite VPS5 gloves give you every advantage when running routes and catching passes. The combination of our patented Vapor-Stick grip material and strategically designed grip pattern provides receiver-specific catching control.

Ergonomic finger curvature coupled with silicone finger pads enable exceptional grip and dexterity for catching balls away from your body. Strategic foam padding protects your hands from impact when catching balls at high velocities across the middle.

Take your game to the highest level with pro-grade receiver gloves engineered for grip, control, and impact protection. Dominate the field and gain a competitive edge with the Phenom Elite VPS5 gloves.

Phenom Elite VPS5 Gloves Feature:

  • Full Vapor-Stick grip material covers palm and fingers for elite tackiness
  • Vapor-Dri 4-way stretch fabric wicks moisture and allows excellent dexterity
  • Strategic padding absorbs impact along fingers and back of hand
  • Silicone palm prints and fingertips enhance grip and control
  • Elastic wristband with adjustable dual closure straps

Ideal Uses:

  • Football games – high school, collegiate, professional
  • Organized team practices
  • Backyard and park pickup games
  • Wide receiver position

Bring your A-game every time you step on the field with the Phenom Elite VPS5 White Football Receiver Gloves. Experience unmatched grip and ball control when running routes and catching passes.


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