PHINIX Split Leather Fast-Pitch Softballs 11″ and 12″ Sizes


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Take your fast-pitch softball game to the next level with the PHINIX Split Leather Fast-Pitch Softballs. Available in both 11″ and 12″ sizes, these quality leather softballs meet official specs for fast-pitch play. The durable leather cover and polycore deliver excellent performance.

Split Leather Cover

The high-quality split leather cover provides excellent grip and control when pitching and fielding. It also withstands impact from hard hits. The leather material forms a durable cover that maintains its shape and performance over time. Optic yellow stitching makes the ball highly visible.

Polymer Composite Core

At the center is a polycore made of composite polymer material. This gives the ball a perfectly balanced and consistent feel when hitting, pitching, and fielding. The solid core retains its shape and resilience through extensive gameplay.

Official Size and Weight

These leather softballs meet the official size and weight specifications for fast-pitch softball. The 12″ ball has a circumference of 12 ± 0.125 inches and weighs 6.25-6.75 ounces. The 11″ ball measures 11 ± 0.125 inches in circumference and weighs 5.875-6.125 ounces.

COR and Compression

The PHINIX fast-pitch softballs have a maximum COR (Coefficient of Restitution) of 0.47 and maximum compression of 375 lbs. This ensures optimal liveliness and bounce off the bat and when pitching.

High Visibility and Playability

Bold optic yellow stitching makes the ball highly visible, even under ballpark lights at night games. This color stitching contrasts against the leather cover. The raised seams also enhance grip and control when pitching and catching.

Versatile Training and Game Use

These quality leather softballs are ideal for game use, practices, batting cages, and training drills. The durable cover withstands regular impact from competitive play. Use them for pitching practice, fielding drills, and batting practice.


  • Split leather cover for excellent grip and durability
  • Polymer composite core retains shape and resilience
  • Meets official size and weight specs for fast-pitch
  • Maximum COR of 0.47; Max compression 375 lbs
  • Optic yellow stitching for high visibility
  • Durable cover withstands game play and training use

Sizing Options

Choose from the official 11-inch and 12-inch sizes for fast-pitch softball leagues and tournaments. The 11″ size is often used for women’s adult fast-pitch leagues. The 12″ size is ideal for advanced youth players.

Reliable quality and performance make these leather softballs a smart choice for fast-pitch players and teams seeking optimal equipment.

With bold visibility, consistent shape retention, and durability, these PHINIX Fast-Pitch Softballs can elevate your game.


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