PowerNet Baseball Softball Practice Net 7×7 with Travel Tee


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Take your baseball or softball skills to the next level with the PowerNet Baseball Softball Practice Net 7×7 with Travel Tee. This versatile practice net set is designed to help players of all ages and skill levels improve their hitting, pitching, batting, and fielding.

Portable and Durable 7×7 Practice Net

The heart of this practice set is the heavy-duty 7×7 foot net, which provides 49 square feet of hitting and pitching surface. The diamond poly knotless netting is designed to withstand even the hardest hit baseballs and softballs without ripping. So you can swing for the fences without worrying about damaging the net.

The steel frame assembles in minutes with no tools required. Just slide the poles through the sleeves and secure the stakes in the ground for added stability. When you’re done with practice, the net folds down into a compact roll secured with a heavy-duty zipper bag. The included carrying bag with shoulder strap makes it easy to transport and store this portable baseball training equipment.

Weighing only 14 pounds, the practice net is easy to set up anywhere for backyard batting practice, ground ball drills in the park, or garage pitching sessions during bad weather. It’s ideal for teams or players who want game-quality equipment for practice but lack adequate space for permanent netting setups.

Multi-Position Batting Tee Included

To help you make the most of your practice net pitching and batting practice, this set includes a deluxe 3-in-1 batting tee. The rubber tee weighs 2.5 pounds for sturdy stability when hitting yet folds down into the included carrying case for easy portability.

The height of the tee is easily adjustable from 25 to 32 inches to accommodate hitters of all sizes. Simply insert the metal base, connect the adjustable aluminum stem, and tilt the rubber tee to your desired position. Use it in the upright position to perfect your level line drives. Or tilt it forward or backward to practice golf swing trajectories or uppercut pop-ups.

The versatile tee design allows for front toss drills, soft toss practice, and simulated catcher locations. With 3 tee positions in one design, you can conveniently improve your batting skills without needing multiple tees. It’s suitable for baseballs and softballs alike.

Hone Your Skills Anywhere

Whether you want to practice hitting, pitching, fielding, or all of the above, this portable practice net set enables you to hone your baseball and softball skills anywhere. Here are some of the drills and training possibilities:

Batting Practice
– Work on your swing technique, balance, and power. The net allows full follow-through without chasing balls.
– Dial in your swing mechanics to make solid contact and drive the ball.
– Groove your timing by taking repeated pitches from the tee.
– Adjust tee height and angle as desired to practice various trajectories.

Pitching Practice
– Repeat throws into the net to polish pitching accuracy and technique.
– Vary pitching distances and angles to diversify your pitching repertoire.
– Ensure full follow-through on each pitch without risking wild misses.
– Strengthen pitching muscles through frequent throwing practice.

Fielding Drills
– Work on fielding ground balls either hit off the tee or thrown into the net.
– Simulate pop fly and line drive fielding practice.
– Position the net at different angles to field sharply hit balls.
– Quickly move into fielding position to field balls off the bat.

Soft Toss & Live Hitting
– Practice hitting soft toss pitches from a coach or partner.
– Alternate positions in front of and behind the net for soft toss drills.
– Take live batting practice with pitched balls for game-like experience.

Backstop & Strike Zone
– Use the net as a portable backstop for playing catch or taking batting practice anywhere.
– Hang a strike zone target on the net for improved pitching accuracy.

Trusted by Pros

The heavy-duty yet portable construction of this PowerNet practice net makes it trusted by pro players across MLB, Olympic softball, and college programs. Well-known players like Jose Martinez, Andrelton Simmons, and Kelly Kretschman rely on PowerNet for improving their skills all season long.

With personalized drills, you can follow pro tips and techniques to take your baseball game to the next level. Charge up your power at the plate, gain precision and speed on the mound, and get ready to snag anything that comes your way in the field.

Designed for All Ages

Whether you’re a little league player honing your skills for the first time or a college athlete preparing for draft day, this practice set is designed to help improve your performance.

The net size and sturdy construction are suitable for adult pro-level batting and pitching power. Yet the set is easy enough for young players to transport and set up independently. So kids can practice in the backyard to sharpen their skills for upcoming games without mom or dad’s help.

It’s an ideal baseball or softball gift for players of all ages. Don’t wait for the next team practice to work on your swing or arm – set up a practice net in your yard, basement, or garage and get extra reps in anytime.

Transform Your Game Today

Bring your “A” game this season with dedicated practice using the PowerNet Baseball Softball Practice Net 7×7 with Travel Tee. The portable net and adjustable batting tee make solo practice more convenient than ever. Set up your backyard practice site in minutes to become a better all-around player.


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