PULANG Rakon Portable Basketball Hoop & Goal – Height Adjustable Indoor Outdoor Hoop for All Ages


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Turn your driveway or backyard into a basketball court with the PULANG Rakon Portable Basketball Hoop & Goal System. This adjustable hoop grows with your aspiring athlete, allowing kids of all ages to practice like a pro.

Adjustable Height for All Ages

The PULANG Rakon basketball hoop features an adjustable pole that lets you set the hoop height anywhere from approximately 5.6 feet up to 7 feet. Lower the hoop to teach kids the basics of dribbling, shooting, and passing. As they grow more confident in their skills, simply raise the hoop height for more of a challenge. With 5 different height settings, this junior basketball hoop system will provide the perfect amt of difficulty whether you have a toddler just learning to play or an older kid perfecting fadeaway jumpers.

Stable Base Filled with Sand or Water

The hoop’s base is designed to hold either sand or water for stability. Filling the base with 150 lbs of sand or 60 gallons of water keeps the pole sturdy and prevents tipping, even during energetic gameplay. Kids can drive hard to the net without worrying about the hoop falling over. The wide 30 x 22 inch base footprint also enhances overall stability. Set up this portable basketball goal anywhere you want hassle-free hoop action.

Durable Steel & Weather-Resistant Materials

Built from quality materials, the PULANG Rakon basketball system is made to last through many backyard pick-up games, one-on-one matchups, and solo practice sessions. The height-adjustable pole and triangular base connector are constructed from sturdy steel for exceptional strength and stability. The 29 x 22 inch backboard is shatter-resistant polycarbonate for optimized rebound performance. And the net features heavy-duty nylon cord with a polyester mesh that can withstand all kinds of weather. Overall, this junior basketball set is engineered for reliable playtime fun.

Indoor & Outdoor Basketball Goal

Bring fast-paced hoops action inside or outside your home with this versatile portable basketball goal system. The hoop pole, backboard, and net are designed to be used in a gymnasium or recreation center for year-round indoor play. When the weather’s nice, simply roll the basketball goal system outside to your driveway or backyard. Wherever you set it up, the powder coated finish protects against rust and corrosion. Give kids a fun way to stay active with basketball skills practice at home.

Built-In Wheels for Easy Mobility

Integrated wheels at the rear of the triangular base make it easy to reposition the basketball hoop anywhere you want it. When you need to move the system, just tilt the pole backward onto the wheels. Then you can roll it smoothly across floors or pavement to a new location with minimal heavy lifting required. Set up fast-paced one-on-one matchups, rebound practice, or free throw shooting drills in multiple spots indoors or out.

Develop Basketball Skills

The PULANG Rakon Portable Basketball Hoop & Goal System is designed to help kids develop fundamental basketball skills at a young age. Lowering the adjustable hoop and practicing close-range layups boosts confidence in beginners. Raise the height gradually to challenge hand-eye coordination and extend shooting range. The 29 inch polycarbonate backboard provides an ample target for accuracy training and bank shot angles. And the weather-resistant net has the authentic feel of arena hoops. All the elements kids need are here to become well-rounded players.

Fun for All Ages

Toddlers can learn the basics of dribbling, passing, and shooting skills with thisbeginner-friendly adjustable hoop system. School-age kids will stay active perfecting their technique and enjoying friendly competitions. And teens can practice seriously to prepare for school team tryouts. The PULANG Rakon Portable Basketball Hoop & Goal grows as your family grows for years of hoops enjoyment.

High-Flying Excitement

With the rim set at the maximum 7 foot height, kids can pretend they’re professional athletes as they power up for epic slam dunks! Lower the backboard for little kids to act out their first rim-rattling jams. The adjustable hoop accommodates all your future all-star’s high-flying fun.

Bring the thrill of basketball home with the PULANG Rakon Portable Basketball Hoop & Goal System!


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