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Take your game to the next level with the Qzzsmy Mens Cleats. Built for speed, traction, and relentless performance, these cleats help you own the field or pitch.

TPU Studs for Explosive Maneuverability

The secret lies in the TPU studs. Arrangements are transparent so you can precisely place each stud where you need explosive traction. The mix of conical and bladed studs provides multi-directional grip so you can accelerate, cut, and track down the ball with speed and stability.

Studs are made from TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) for its elasticity and durability. TPU absorbs shock better than rigid plastics, protecting your feet and joints from pounding impacts. The studs also resist abrasions from tough play on natural grass, dirt, or turf fields.

Flexible Synthetic Leather Upper

The upper features a combination of polyurethane leather and breathable mesh. PU leather synthetic is extremely durable yet flexible, moving naturally with your foot. It also maintains structure during lateral cuts and crosses.

Mesh zones run along the collar, tongue, and midfoot for maximum airflow. Your feet stay cool and comfortable even during intense action. A sock-like collar allows easy slip-on access while securing the midfoot.

Non-Slip Rubber Outsole

A grippy rubber outsole keeps you glued to the surface, whether grass or artificial turf. Multi-directional traction prevents slipping during sprint accelerations, quick changes in direction, and hard cuts. The outsole and studs work together for balanced agility.

Deep heel ridges provide braking power for sudden stops. Pivot points under the forefoot enhance rotational mobility for natural moves. The outsole compounds shrug off abrasion from all types of fields.

Customizable Performance

Lace up the cleats for a secure, personalized fit. An asymmetrical lacing system fine-tunes the instep, midfoot, and forefoot. This creates a contoured fit around your foot for zero slippage inside the shoe.

Interchangeable TPU studs let you change lengths and configurations for your sport and playing surface. Optimize traction control for football, soccer, rugby, baseball, and more. Includes wrench for easy stud swaps.

With pro-level technology tailored to your game, get the multi-directional traction, foot stability, and maneuverability you need to leave defenders in the dust. Lace up in the Qzzsmy Mens Cleats for aggressive, fast-paced play on any field.


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