Rawlings Official Major League Baseball


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Swing for the fences with the Rawlings Official Major League Baseball. This high-quality ball is crafted to meet the exacting specifications required for use in professional Major League games. The premium materials and expert construction make it the top choice of pros and amateurs alike.

Premium Leather Cover

The Rawlings Official MLB ball starts with a full grain leather cover. Leather is the preferred material for the hardest throwing pitchers. It provides exceptional durability to withstand the rigors of repetitive pitches. The leather forms a tough, abrasion-resistant outer layer that protects the interior components.

Full grain leather contains the intricate textures and markings of the animal hide. This makes each ball one-of-a-kind. The leather is specially tanned to be soft and supple. This gives it the right feel and flexibility off the bat. The pops and cracks from a crisply hit leather baseball are sounds to savor.

Rawlings Major League Seam

The unique figure-8 stitching is a Rawlings trademark. The stitching joins the leather panels together. It must be tight and precise to meet MLB standards. Any imperfections here can impact the ball’s flight. Rawlings uses strong sinew thread and skilled seamsters to ensure perfect stitches.

The 108 double stitches are sewn by hand. This time-tested construction locks the leather pieces together. When struck by the bat, the seams grip its surface to impart spin. The iconic red stitching makes the ball highly visible as it travels 60+ feet to home plate.

Cushioned Cork Center

Inside the leather, a cushioned cork center forms the inner core. Cork is lightweight and compressible. This gives the ball some “give” off the bat, while still transferring energy into the ball. The natural resilience of cork gets the ball moving with velocity.

The cork is spherically formed under intense pressure and heat. This fuses it into a balanced sphere. Any lopsidedness here would affect the ball’s flight. The cork is buffed and polished to create a smooth finish. This enhances the action off the seams for controlled spins.

85% Wool Windings

Surrounding the cork center are windings of special wool yarn. The yarn consists of 85% wool, with the rest a proprietary blend of poly/cotton fibers. This composite windings mix provides an optimal combination of stretch, resiliency and strength.

The tensioned wool windings augment the rebound of the cork. This boosts liveliness to achieve long arcing shots. The windings are applied in layers by specialized winding machines. This creates a progressive springiness to the ball’s core. More windings means greater energy return off the bat.

Official Major League Specs

All components of a Regulation MLB baseball are carefully controlled. The ball circumference must be 9 to 9.25 inches. Weight is specified at 5 to 5.25 ounces. The cork and wool content is verified. A authenticating MLB stamp is applied after stringent testing and quality control checks. Only balls meeting the highest standards are approved for game play.

This Rawlings Official ball is guaranteed to meet all specs mandated by Major League Baseball. The flawless construction ensures reliable flight and performance. When you take the field with this ball, you can step up to the plate with total confidence.

An Authentic Baseball Feel

The Rawlings Official Major League Baseball delivers the authentic feel, look and performance you expect. The clean white leather, red laces and great visibility take you out to the old ball game. It’s ideal for batting practice, pick-up games or just having fun. Bring home the excitement of the ballpark with this Rawlings MLB baseball!


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