RAZOR RZ55 Shoulder Pads – Lightweight Protection and Mobility for the Competitive Field Hockey Player


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As a field hockey player, having the right protective gear is essential for performance and safety on the field. The Razor RZ55 shoulder pads are designed to provide lightweight protection without restricting your mobility, giving you the freedom to play your best game every time you step onto the pitch.

Built with high-performance materials like injection molded polypropylene and SAS-TEC Visco Elastic foam, these shoulder pads offer superior strength and flexibility to withstand impacts while allowing a full range of motion. The extremely narrow side cuts limit excess surface area for less bulk, while the generous neck opening ensures the pads move with you instead of against you.

Superior Impact Protection

The Razor RZ55 utilizes a multi-layer foam system to absorb and disperse impact forces for protection you can trust. It starts with the SAS-TEC Visco Elastic foam pads covering the shoulders and collarbone. This proprietary foam reacts to body heat, contours to your shape, and returns to its original form after impacts – giving you personalized, responsive cushioning.

This high-performance foam sits on top of closed cell foam clavicle pads that are adjustable for a precise, gap-free fit. Together, these dual-density foams provide excellent shock absorption and dissipate energy away from your shoulders and collarbone when defending, battling in the midfield, or driving towards the goal.

Lightweight Mobility for Total Field Control

In the fast-paced game of field hockey, mobility is just as important as protection. Restrictive equipment can throw off your game – that’s why the RZ55 shoulder pads are engineered for unhindered mobility on the field.

At just 1 lb 1 oz, these ultra-lightweight pads add little weight while protecting your vitals. The exterior fabric has strategically placed stretch zones that move effortlessly with your body. Arch-shaped cutouts above the shoulder caps give you 12 degrees more range of motion for driving passes across the field or ripping shots on goal.

Wearing the RZ55 shoulder pads, you’ll have the freedom and confidence to control the ball and drive the game wherever your skills take you.

Stay Cool and Comfortable All Game

When you’re in the heat of a competitive match, the last thing you want is gear that makes you feel hot and uncomfortable. The RZ55 shoulder pads are optimized for breathability during intense play.

The lightweight, low-profile design exposes more of your back to let heat escape. Air flows through interior mesh channels to provide additional ventilation. Plus, the SAS-TEC foam is perforated to allow moisture and hot air to pass through.

You’ll stay cool, dry, and focused when the game is on the line. The open back also makes the RZ55 pads easy to slide on and off when gearing up or heading to the locker room after battles on the turf.

Customizable Protection

Why settle for a one-size-fits-all design? The RZ55 shoulder pads give you customizable protection thanks to adjustable clavicle pads. You can slide these closed cell foam pads up or down within the shoulder caps to eliminate any gaps around your collarbone.

Dial in the right fit for your body to prevent the shoulder caps from shifting during play. Optimized pressure distribution protects vulnerable zones like your clavicle and sternum from awkward collisions with the ball or other players.

Built for the Demands of the Game

Razor designed the RZ55 shoulder pads to withstand the rigors of competitive field hockey at any level. The high-impact polypropylene shell is extremely durable to maintain its integrity after shot blocks, masterful steals, and battles in front of the net.

The rugged shell and interior foam also resist deterioration from exposure to moisture, keeping the pads in top shape whether you’re sweating on the field or throwing them in your gear bag after the game. Over time, the RZ55s will retain their protective qualities and mobility so you can keep performing at your best.

Choose the RZ55 for Confident, Unrestricted Play

When you choose the Razor RZ55 shoulder pads, you’re choosing advanced protection that moves with you and helps take your game to the next level. The lightweight, low-profile design with strategic stretch zones gives you the mobility to drive the ball upfield, command the midfield, and shut down scoring attacks without limitations.

Backed by Razor’s decades of engineering field hockey gear for elite performance, these high-quality pads provide peace of mind to charge the ball and play without fear of injury. Grab the RZ55s for confident, competitive play backed by intelligent protection.


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