Rods USSSA Approved Leather Baseballs – 3 Dozen for Youth & Adult Games


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Give your team the high-quality equipment they deserve with these Rods USSSA approved leather baseballs. With 3 dozen regulation size and weight baseballs included, this case provides more than enough for games, practices, and batting cages. Approved for use in USSSA sanctioned leagues and tournaments, these premium leather balls meet the standards that competitive teams demand.

Superior Leather Cover for Optimal Performance

At the heart of every great baseball is a flawless leather cover. Rods utilizes a top grain cowhide leather cover on these baseballs for unmatched durability and performance. The leather has a smooth, high-sheen finish and tight, consistent stitching for a perfectly round sphere. This ensures straight flight patterns and consistent fielding bounds. The leather also provides the ideal grip and tackiness for pitchers to throw sharp breaking balls and fastballs.

Balanced Construction for Regulation Play

Underneath the leather cover, these baseballs feature a premium cork and rubber pill winding. This gives the balls a perfectly balanced core that meets weight and size specifications for sanctioned league and tournament play. The winding helps the balls retain their shape after repeated impact, while providing the right amount of flex off the bat. Each baseball has a cushioned cork center pill to distribute compression evenly across the ball.

Built for Competitive USSSA Leagues & Tournaments

Rods designed these baseballs specifically for Upper Deck/USSSA sanctioned leagues and tournaments. They are regulation size and weight, measuring approximately 9 inches in circumference and weighing around 5 oz. With proper care, these baseballs deliver unmatched durability to last an entire season of competitive games before needing replacement. Teams can save money on equipment with baseballs that hold up to tough game use.

Product Details:

  • Set includes 3 dozen baseballs (36 total)
  • Approved for USSSA sanctioned league and tournament play
  • Top grain leather cover provides great grip and durability
  • Cork and rubber pill winding for optimal balance
  • Cushioned cork center pill for even compression
  • Meets regulation size and weight specifications
  • Ball circumference: Approximately 9 inches
  • Ball weight: Approximately 5 oz

Why Choose Rods USSSA Baseballs?

For generations, Rods has been trusted to supply top-tier leather baseballs for competitive play. Their expertise ensures these baseballs meet the highest standards that leagues and players demand. With flawless quality control and premium materials, these baseballs deliver unmatched performance game after game. Give your team the advantage of consistent pops off the bat and true ball flight all season long.

Buy with Confidence

Rods offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all of their sports equipment and accessories. Their products are engineered to deliver elite, long-lasting performance. If you are not completely satisfied with these baseballs, simply return them for a full refund or replacement.

Designed for All Positions

Pitchers can grip these baseballs securely to throw sharp curving pitches and sizzling fastballs. The flawless leather cover and tight stitching give batters the perfect sweet spot for line drives. Fielders will appreciate the consistent pops off the bats and ability to read accurate flight patterns. With performance characteristics suited for all positions, these baseballs give teams the equipment they need to compete at the highest level.

Bring out the very best in your team this season with the Rods USSSA approved leather baseballs 3 dozen case. The flawless quality ensures season-long durability and optimal performance game after game. Choose Rods for your team’s equipment needs and enjoy USSSA sanctioned play with premium gear.


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