Rukket Sports Pop Up Golf Chipping Net – Improve Your Short Game From Home or On The Go


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Ever wanted to practice your golf chipping and pitching anytime, anywhere? Well now you can with the Rukket Sports Pop Up Golf Chipping Net. This portable golf net allows you to turn any backyard, basement, or tailgate into your own personal golf practice area.

With the Rukket chipping net, you’ll be able to take your short game to the next level by practicing from multiple lies and distances. The sturdy design withstands real golf shots, so you can swing away without worry. And when you’re done, the net folds down into an included carry bag for easy transport and storage.

Practice Golf at Home in Your Backyard or Basement

Tired of paying outrageous fees at the driving range just to practice your short game? Bring the driving range to you with the Rukket golf chipping net!

This portable golf net sets up in seconds thanks to the pop up design. No assembly required. Just remove from the carry bag, pop it open, and you’re ready to practice.

The triangular net shape and multiple target pockets allow you to practice a variety of golf shots. Work on your bump and run, chip shots, pitches, lobs, flop shots, and more. The four included metal stakes secure the net in place outdoors.

And when you’re done practicing, the Rukket chipping net folds right back down into a compact carry bag. Store it safely in your garage or basement until next time.

With this affordable and portable net, you can practice your short game on your own schedule and on your own turf.

Hone Your Skills from Multiple Lies with Twin Turf Hitting Mat

The included Twin Turf hitting mat allows you to practice shots from two different lies – fairway and rough.

One side simulates lush fairway conditions. Hit crisp, clean iron shots dialing in your distances.

Flip the mat over to the rough side to practice those tricky pitch shots from the thick grass. The rough surface provides an unpredictable lie each time, preparing you to escape tough spots on the course.

The durable rubber hitting mat measures 25″ x 16″ and lies completely flat for proper shot practice. Take full swings with irons and wedges without worry of wearing down your turf.

A removable rubber tee gives you a perfect tee height to dial in your tee shots every time. No more hunting around the backyard for that broken tee!

With the dual-sided Twin Turf mat, you can practice shots from the fairway, rough, and tee box without having to change position or move the net. Everything you need in one spot!

Includes Foam Practice Balls for Backyard Safety

The Rukket Sports chipping net includes a set of 12 foam practice balls so you can swing away without worry in your backyard.

These lightweight balls fly and roll like real golf balls but without the damage. No more smashed windows!

The foam balls are ideal for practicing your short game around the green. Work on putting, chipping, and pitch shots by evaluating how the ball reacts on the foam surface.

And if one lands in the neighbor’s yard, no harm done. The soft foam won’t damage anything it touches.

With the foam practice balls, you can practice confidently in your backyard knowing any errant shots will stay safe.

Take Your Golf Game Tailgating with Portable Design

Bring the Rukket golf net to the ballpark or beach for instant entertainment at your next tailgate or outdoor party.

The lightweight pop up design and carry bag make transportation a breeze. Set the net up in the parking lot or on the sand to get some practice in before the big game.

The chipping net is perfect for friendly competition at tailgates and picnics too. Take turns aiming for the targets and improve your short game skills. Kids and beginners can use the foam practice balls to participate safely.

Wherever you set it up, the Rukket chipping net is sure to be a hit (pun intended) at your next event!

High Quality Construction and Warranty

The Rukket Sports chipping net is made from premium quality materials to withstand real golf shots. The tri-layered net uses a durable polyester fabric with reinforced stitching along the main impact zones.

The powder coated steel and fiberglass frame folds down into a compact 42” x 7” carry bag weighing just 10 pounds.

Set up and breakdown are quick and simple thanks to the pop up collapsible design. Most customers are hitting balls within 60 seconds!

All Rukket golf products are backed by their lifetime warranty and fair play guarantee. They stand behind their products 100%.

Rukket Golf Lets You Practice Perfect

If you want to perfect your short game from home, the Rukket Sports Pop Up Golf Chipping Net is the perfect practice tool.

The portable design allows you to practice chipping, pitching, and putting anytime in your backyard or basement. Plus the high quality construction holds up to real golf shots so you can swing with confidence.

The included hitting mat and foam practice balls provide realistic practice from multiple lies and distances. Your skills will improve faster than ever!

Bring your game to the backyard driving range with Rukket. Order the Pop Up Golf Chipping Net today to start practicing perfect!


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