ScaAuto Portable 36V 5A Golf Cart Battery Charger – Fully Automatic Overnight Charging for EZ-GO, Club Car, Yamaha Carts


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Charge your golf cart batteries quickly and easily with the ScaAuto 36 volt 5 amp portable battery charger. Specially designed for 36 volt golf cart batteries, this fully automatic smart charger delivers a complete overnight charge in just 4-7 hours.

Compatible with most major golf cart brands including EZ-GO, Club Car, and Yamaha, this charger features a 36 volt 5 amp output and standard 110 volt household plug input. The convenient portable size and plug-in power source means you can charge your batteries anywhere – no professional installation required.

This golf cart battery charger includes an intelligent multi-stage charging system to optimize battery life. It automatically switches from standard charging mode to a float/trickle mode when batteries are fully charged to prevent overcharging damage. Trickle charging also helps condition your batteries over time, improving longevity and performance.

LED indicator lights clearly display charge status. The red LED indicates the charger is receiving power and actively charging, switching to green when batteries are fully charged. With automatic shut-off, you can plug in and walk away with complete peace of mind.

The ScaAuto charger’s durable construction and circuit protection ensures safety during overnight charging. Short circuit, reverse polarity, and overheat protection prevent damage to your charger and batteries. The power cord is extra thick and heavy duty for long lasting performance.

Key Features:

– 36 volt, 5 amp fully automatic smart charging
– 4-7 hour fast overnight battery charging
– Float/trickle charge prevents overcharge damage
– LED indicators show charge status and full charge
– 110 volt standard household plug input
– Durable construction with circuit protection
– Portable design charges anywhere
– For EZ-GO, Club Car, Yamaha and more

Safely Charge Golf Cart Batteries Overnight

Damaged or dead golf cart batteries can bring your golf game to a halt. With the ScaAuto 36 volt 5 amp charger, you can avoid downtime and unsafe charging practices. The smart automatic design eliminates the risk of over or undercharging when unattended. Just plug it in at night and by morning your batteries will be fully charged and conditioned, ready to power your golf cart for a full day on the course.

With a compact and lightweight casing, this charger is made for portability. The 6 foot power cord gives you flexibility for charging in the garage, at home, or even in your RV or camper. Wherever your golf cart adventures take you, this charger makes keeping batteries charged safe, convenient, and hassle-free.

Optimal Charging for Battery Health & Longevity

Repeatedly draining your batteries below 50% and leaving them discharged damages battery cells over time, causing sulfation and shortening battery life. This smart charger reverses that damage and extends lifespan.

The multi-stage charging algorithm detects state of charge and applies bulk charging current until the battery is 70-90% charged before switching to absorption mode. Once fully charged, it automatically switches to float/trickle mode to prevent overcharge damage while balancing cells. Your batteries stay conditioned and ready for reliable performance season after season.

Designed for Universal Compatibility

With its 36 volt 5 amp output and D style plug, this charger is compatible with just about any 36 volt golf cart on the market including:

– EZGO TXT, Medalist, RXV
– Club Car Precedent, DS Series
– Yamaha Drive and Drive2
– Star EV, Tomberlin, Garia
– And more!

Don’t get stuck with dead batteries and a disabled golf cart. Order the ScaAuto portable 36 volt 5 amp golf cart battery charger today to always have quick, reliable overnight charging power on hand!


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