SCASEE Glow in The Dark LED Football – Light Up for Night Games


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Welcome to the future of football with the SCASEE Light Up LED Football. Perfect for night games, this football contains a built-in LED light that illuminates the entire ball with a bright glow so you can keep playing even after the sun goes down.

Light Up the Night

Tired of having to stop playing when it gets dark outside? With the SCASEE Glow Football, the fun doesn’t have to end. The built-in LED light activates when the ball is in motion, lighting up the entire ball so you can see it clearly even in low light conditions. Just turn it on, toss it around, and watch as it glows brightly in the dark. The LED automatically turns off when not in use to preserve battery life.

Impact Activated Illumination

The LED light inside the SCASEE Football turns on automatically whenever the ball is in motion or impacted, lighting up brightly every time you throw, kick, or pass the ball. It detects impact and immediately illuminates, creating a glowing effect during play. As soon as the ball stops moving, the LED turns back off again. This impact activated feature maximizes battery life so you can keep on playing.

Durable and Waterproof

This glowing football is made of high quality materials designed to withstand rugged game play session after session. The outer shell has the same abrasion resistance, grip, and durability as a standard game ball so it can hold up to catches, throws, kicks, and hard hits. Plus, the LED light is waterproof so a little rain won’t stop the fun.

Perfect Weight and Size

The SCASEE Light Up Football is regulation size and weight, measuring approximately 11 inches long and 22 inches around. It weighs 14-15 ounces, the official weight for a youth or high school football. The size, shape, and weight make it look, feel, and handle like a real football so you can practice drills and plays just like game day.

Long Lasting Fun

This glowing ball includes batteries already installed so it’s ready to light up right out of the box. Just inflate it with the included pump and activate the LED. The batteries are replaceable so when they eventually run out, you can easily insert new ones (3x AG13/LR44 button cell batteries, included). The LED light is built to provide hours and hours of glow time so you can play night after night.

Perfect for All Ages

Kids and adults alike will love playing with the SCASEE LED Football. It’s a blast at backyard cookouts, campouts, youth sports practices, PE classes, tailgates, picnics, beach vacations, and more. It’s the ultimate football for playing pickup games at the park or in the street after dark. This glowing ball makes a great gift for football fans young and old.

Safety First

While this football contains LED lights, it does not contain any toxic chemicals or hazardous materials and is completely safe for active play. The LED’s smooth flat dome design eliminates sharp edges. The lighting mechanism is completely sealed inside the ball so it’s protected during rough, competitive fun.

Why Choose the SCASEE Glow in The Dark Football?

  • Built-in LED lights up the entire ball
  • Impact activated illumination
  • Durable, waterproof construction
  • Regulation size and weight
  • Batteries included
  • Long lasting glow
  • For kids and adults
  • Safe, protected lighting system

Brighten up your game and take it into the night with the SCASEE LED Light Up Football. Order yours today and be ready for glow-in-the-dark fun tonight!


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