Schutt F7 2.0 Collegiate Football Helmet – Elite Protection for the Next Level




Engineered for superior safety, the Schutt F7 2.0 takes football helmet technology to the next level. With game-changing innovations and elite-level impact protection, this collegiate helmet provides unmatched performance.

Unrivaled Impact Absorption

At the core of the Schutt F7 2.0 is RFLX-S, an advanced impact layer designed to deflect and disperse energy before it reaches the head. This revolutionary padded liner absorbs impact through a system of hundreds of individual shock pods.

Working in conjunction with the TPU cushioning, this innovative tech provides industry-leading protection against both high-velocity linear hits and dangerous rotational impacts. Reducing force before it reaches the head is key for decreasing the risk of concussions and traumatic brain injuries.

Tektonic Plates – Protection Inside and Out

For even greater impact mitigation, the F7 2.0 utilizes both interior and exterior Tektonic Plates. These 3D plates can move independently from the helmet itself to enhance performance against rotational acceleration.

Lining the inside of the shell, the internal plates work like a force field. On the outside, the external Tektonic system incorporates additional TPU cushions for increased absorption. This unrivaled 360-degree Tektonic protection significantly reduces the sudden movements that cause concussions.

Engineered for Strength and Durability

Constructed from aerospace-grade polycarbonate, the F7 2.0 shell is extremely rigid and impact-resistant. It’s engineered to maintain structural integrity collision after collision.

To combat helmet warping and distortion, Schutt adds flexural resistance bands across the temporal regions and back. This added rigidity allows the helmet to better shield the head from impact forces.

Optimized, Aerodynamic Shape

The sleek, compact shape of the F7 2.0 improves helmet performance in multiple ways. The aerodynamic profile enhances speed and agility by cutting down on drag. It also optimizes the player’s downward field of vision for better on-field awareness.

By bringing the shell lower around the back and sides of the head, the helmet better protects the temporal region. This area is vulnerable to impacts that cause dangerous rotational movement of the brain.

Facemask and Liner System for Customized Fit

The Schutt F7 2.0 comes complete with a durable carbon steel facemask for all-around protection. Its inflatable air liner system then allows players to customize the fit. Just use the truFIT website for sizing recommendations based on the athlete’s head measurements.

The inflatable liners adjust to offer a personalized, secure fit. An antibacterial liner along the interior wicks away moisture and discourages the growth of odor-causing bacteria.

Advanced Technology in an Iconic Design

While packed with modern innovations, the Schutt F7 2.0 retains the iconic styling of the original F7. The bold gloss finish and metallic flake effects give the helmet a sleek, varsity look.

Players will feel like champions taking the field in this instantly recognizable Schutt design. It’s a classic elevated by game-changing technology for ultimate protection and performance.

Trust one of the most renowned brands in football to keep your athletes safe. The Schutt F7 2.0 represents the pinnacle of helmet innovation.


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