Schutt Sports All-in-One Poly Knit Varsity Football Pant with Built-In Pads – Complete Protection and Comfort


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As a football player, having padded protection is crucial, but wearing bulky separate pads can be restrictive and uncomfortable. The Schutt Sports All-in-One Poly Knit Varsity Football Pant with Built-In Pads solves both problems, integrating padded protection into a flexible, moisture-wicking pant. With cushioning guarding the thighs, hips, knees and tailbone, these football pants allow you to play hard with peace of mind.

Built-In 7-Piece Pad Set

The highlight of these Schutt Sports football pants is the complete 7-piece pad set built directly into the pant. Strategically placed cushions guard the thighs, hips, knees, and tailbone from impact during games and practice. The thigh and hip pads protect from blows at the line of scrimmage while the knee and tailbone pads shield from cuts and bruises when tackled.

The integrated pads move naturally with your body thanks to the flexible poly knit fabric. You get full protection without sacrificing your range of motion or feeling restricted like with bulky external pads.

Moisture-Wicking Durable Poly Knit Fabric

Constructed from 100% polyester, the durable knit fabric of these football pants is both lightweight and flexible to allow free movement. The polyester fibers naturally wick moisture from the skin to the surface where it evaporates quickly, keeping you cool and dry even during intense gameplay in the hottest conditions.

The fabric is also specially engineered to withstand the rigors of practices and games. It resists snags, abrasion, and tears whether you are drilling hard on the field or making tackles on game day. Between the built-in pads and durable knit fabric, these pants provide protection that will last season after season.

Machine Washable Convenience

Even with the integrated pad set, these Schutt Sports football pants are fully machine washable for easy care between games. Simply throw them in the washing machine – no need to painstakingly remove pads beforehand. The pads are secured in place and the entire pant is designed to withstand repeat machine cycles. Come game day, you’ll have clean protection ready for the field.

Premium Comfort and Range of Motion

The lightweight polyester knit fabric is carefully engineered to move with your body for unrestricted mobility. You can sprint, cut, and drill at practice or chase down opponents on game day without your pants holding you back. The integrated pads also eliminate bulky external Velcro attachments so you can move completely freely.

Strategic mesh paneling adds enhanced ventilation in sweat zones to keep you cool and comfortable when competing in warm conditions. The pad set is placed to disperse and minimize impact, not restrict your athleticism.

Ideal for Youth and Varsity Athletes

With integrated protection in a pant designed for competitive play, these Schutt Sports football pants are ideal for both youth leagues and varsity high school teams. The pad placement and coverage area meet protection standards for all levels of play. Youth athletes gain pro-level protection while varsity players get it in a pant designed for elite competition.

Trusted Quality and Protection from Schutt

Schutt Sports is the market leader when it comes to protective sports equipment and apparel. For decades, players at all levels have trusted Schutt helmets, pads, and gear to provide elite protection that gives them confidence to play at 100% on the field. These integrated football pants uphold that same dedication to maximum protection with minimal bulk and restriction.

All-in-One Protection and Comfort

Football is a demanding, high-impact sport. Having proper padding is crucial but forcing it under bulky pants can hinder performance. The Schutt Sports All-in-One Poly Knit Varsity Football Pant solves both problems, delivering complete padded protection in the flexibility of a moisture-wicking pant. Lace up a pair and you’ll be ready to compete at your highest level in total comfort.


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