Shock Doctor Adult Football Receiver Gloves – Super Sticky Silicone Grip for Confident Catches


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Take your game to the next level with the Shock Doctor Adult Football Receiver Gloves. Featuring an innovative silicone grip coating, these gloves help give you the catching confidence you need to pull down tough passes when the pressure is on.

Super Sticky Silicone Palm Coating for Incredible Grip

The key to successful catching is getting a solid grip on the ball. That’s why these gloves feature a speed silicone palm coating that sticks to the football like glue. The unique grippy coating allows you to snag even the hardest to catch passes with ease. No more bobbling or dropping passes – the silicone palms on these gloves help you haul in balls with confidence.

Lightweight Lycra Back Adds Flexibility and Feel

While the palms give you an unbeatable grip, the lightweight lycra back provides a flexible, contoured fit that moves with your hands. The flexible material allows you to open and close your hands naturally while giving you enhanced dexterity to adjust to errant throws. The thin material also enhances your feel for the ball, allowing you to cradle it softly on contact.

Neoprene Wrist Cuff for Security and Support

To keep the gloves firmly in place during intense gameplay, they feature a neoprene wrist cuff. The cuff provides compression to give your wrists extra support while also helping to lock the glove in place. This helps prevent the irritating problem of your gloves sliding off mid-play.

Overlay Backhand Design for Added Protection

Taking hard hits to your hands while catching over the middle won’t slow you down, thanks to the gloves’ backhand overlay design. Strategic overlays on the back of the hands and fingers provide impact protection without limiting flexibility. The clever design safeguards your hands from jarring hits.

Killer Graphics and Designs

These gloves look as good as they perform. With awesome graphic prints across the silicone palm coating, you’ll stand out on the field or in the parking lot pre-game. The unique digitized designs give the gloves an modern, video game-inspired look. Choose from multiple colors and graphics to match your style.

Adjustable Wrist Straps for Customizable Fit

Dial in the perfect fit with the adjustable wrist straps. The straps allow you to customize the tightness and provide a secure, stay-put fit. Get the compression and support your wrists need without restriction.

Designed for Elite-Level Performance

Trusted by pros and college players across the country, these gloves are engineered to meet the demands of elite-level play. The premium materials, innovative grip coating, and strategic design work together to enhance your catching and confidence. Take your game to the next level and become your team’s go-to receiver with these performance-engineered gloves.

Machine Washable for Convenience

Built to last through season after season of heavy-duty use, the gloves feature durable construction and materials. Yet they still come out looking fresh after machine washing. Enjoy season after season of enhanced catching with gloves that provide performance and convenience.

Shock Doctor Technology and Innovation

For over 25 years, Shock Doctor has been innovating high-performance sports protection and equipment. Trusted by pro and college athletes, Shock Doctor brings their unique expertise and technology to transform these receiver gloves. This powerful partnership combines Cutter’s glove expertise with Shock Doctor’s decades of experience crafting protective sports equipment. Together, they’ve engineered what may be the most advanced receiver glove available today.

Dominate game day and give yourself the competitive edge you seek with the Shock Doctor Adult Football Receiver Gloves. With the confidence-boosting grip, feel, and protection they provide, you’ll gain the catching confidence that takes your game up a notch.


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