SKLZ Collapsible Height Adjustable Batting Tee – Portable Baseball Softball Practice Tee with Flexible Ball Holder


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Take your batting practice on the road with the SKLZ Collapsible Height Adjustable Batting Tee. This innovative travel tee ensures you can get quality reps no matter where your games take you.

The sturdy yet lightweight folding design sets up fast and packs away compactly for ultimate portability. The adjustable height and flex tee top let you customize your training for game-ready batting skills anytime, anywhere.

Collapsible Design for Easy Portability

The unique collapsible design makes this tee an essential piece of portable batting practice gear. The lightweight steel legs quickly fold together and lock into place with a simple push button release.

In mere seconds, the tee folds down into a compact size for hassle-free transportation. Stash it in your equipment bag or conveniently store it in your car trunk without taking up much space. Weighing only 3.5 pounds, you’ll barely notice it while traveling to tournaments, clinics, or practice facilities.

Height Adjusts 27” – 49” For Perfect Contact

Dial in the ideal tee height to match your stance, swing plane, and pitch location needs. The telescoping steel pole smoothly adjusts from 27 to 49 inches high to accommodate players of all ages.

Work on driving low pitches by setting the ball higher in your zone. Practice keeping your hands back on outside pitches with the tee extended high. You get customized, game-like swings at every height.

Flex Tee Top For Realistic Feedback

The innovative flex tee top provides a life-like feel during contact to maximize your reps. The high-tech composite material flexes and compresses when hit to mimic solid bat-on-ball contact.

You’ll get real-time feedback on proper swing mechanics and make natural adjustments. The flex tee absorbs ball impact, protecting your bat from damage while building muscle memory.

Use With Baseballs, Softballs & Training Balls

The adaptable batting tee works with almost any ball to match your specific training needs. Use real baseballs or softballs during batting practice to ensure game-ready hitting. Place weighted balls on the tray to build bat speed and power.

The 36mm rubber tee loosely cradles balls from 74mm up to 95mm in diameter. With versatile sizing, it works for baseballs, softballs, plastic balls, dimpled balls, wiffle balls, and more.

Built For High-Volume Batting Practice

This high-performance batting tee is specifically designed to withstand high-volume use from repetitive hitting. The strong, powder-coated steel construction provides maximum durability for season after season.

The weather/rust-resistant metal holds up to heavy swings, while the flex tee top greatly reduces wear. Use it for daily batting practice in the cages or team workouts to get the most out of your training.

Enhance Your Practice Anywhere

Now you can elevate your skills from anywhere with this portable batting tee. Use it at the field before games to dial in your timing. Set it up in hotel rooms on travel days to stay sharp. Adjust and fold it fast for use during lessons or clinics.

Keep it in your car trunk for quick practice sessions in parking lots. The convenience takes your training to the next level no matter how busy your schedule is.

Designed For All Ages & Abilities

This adjustable portable batting tee suits players across youth leagues, high school, college, and recreational adult leagues. Optimized sizing adjusts for tee ball through advanced hitters.

Whether you’re looking to develop fundamentals or keep your swing tuned between at-bats, this tee provides ideal functionality. It also makes a thoughtful gift for aspiring baseball or softball players.

Bring the batting cages wherever you go with the ultra-portable SKLZ Collapsible Height Adjustable Batting Tee. The innovative folding design, adjustable height, and flex tee top let you get game-ready reps anytime, anywhere.


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