Smartxchoices 7’x7′ Portable Baseball & Softball Practice Net with Removable Strike Zone – Perfect for Pitching, Batting, Fielding & Throwing Drills


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Take your baseball or softball skills to the next level with the Smartxchoices 7’x7′ portable practice net. This versatile training aid is ideal for aspiring players of all ages who want to perfect their pitching, hitting, fielding, and throwing technique right at home.

Built Sturdy & Secure for Long-Lasting Performance

Constructed with heavy-duty 7-ply tear-resistant netting and rust-resistant steel poles, this pitching net is designed for years of regular use. The powder coated framework features sturdy rubber feet on each leg to prevent sliding and slipping during swings. Four included ground stakes further stabilize the base on grass or dirt.

Even in windy conditions, the durable construction will remain steady and absorb strike after strike. Measuring 7′ wide x 7′ tall x 4′ deep, it provides ample catching space for balls hit by adults and youth players alike.

Easily Adjustable Removable Strike Zone Target

Perfect your pitches with the removable strike zone target that attaches securely to the net. The height of the strike zone is completely adjustable to suit players of all ages and sizes. Visualizing the strike zone helps pitchers dial in accuracy and improves form.

Batters can also take advantage of the clear strike zone marker to develop their swing mechanics and make solid contact. The strike zone target is quick to set up, easy to reposition, and detachable when not needed.

Portable & Quick Setup with Carry Bag

The included carry bag makes the net ultra-portable for use in backyards, driveways, fields, gyms or anywhere you have space to practice. Weighing just 16 pounds, the bag’s shoulder strap and handles make it easy for one person to transport and set up.

Assembly takes only minutes without any tools required. Simply unfold the legs, secure with stakes if desired, and start your training. Fold down and pack away just as quickly after winding down your hitting or pitching session.

Multi-Purpose Design for All Your Baseball & Softball Practice

This versatile practice net is ideal for honing every aspect of your baseball or softball skills. The generous size provides a large strike zone for pitching and batting practice. Field ground balls cleanly off the bottom edge to sharpen your fielding reflexes.

Use for close-range soft toss drills to improve reaction time at the plate. The netting absorbs force well so you can throw as hard as needed to get your arm in shape for the season. Set up indoors or outside to become a better all-around player.

Perfect Your Skills with Consistent, Realistic Practice

Smartxchoices designed this practice net to help players of all ages build consistency by repeating proper throwing, pitching, hitting, and fielding techniques. The ball returns accurately to give muscle memory the reps it needs to execute correctly in game situations.

Using a practice net builds confidence by ensuring a predictable environment where you control the speed and location of each pitch. Visualizing the strike zone trains your eye to be disciplined and patient while waiting for the perfect pitch.

With realistic at-home practice anytime, you’ll be hitting cleaner, fielding smoother, and pitching more precisely in no time!

Why Choose the Smartxchoices 7’x7′ Portable Practice Net?

  • Durable tear-resistant netting and sturdy steel frame built to last season after season
  • Removable adjustable strike zone target for honing pitching accuracy and batting discipline
  • Carry bag for easy transport and quick hassle-free setup
  • Versatile for fielding, pitching, batting, and close-range throwing practice
  • Ideal size with ample ball-containment space for all ages
  • Provides consistent training environment to develop muscle memory
  • Build confidence by controlling pitch speed, location, and timing

Bring the dugout home with Smartxchoices. Our portable baseball and softball practice net is designed for players serious about taking their game to the next level.

Order today to start training like the pros and see rapid improvement in your hitting power, pitching precision, defensive reflexes, and throwing velocity this season!


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