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Stand out from the crowd with the vibrant new Soccer Innovations Graffiti Street Ball. This eye-catching size 5 ball features bold graffiti graphics and colors for high-style play. The durable street ball construction and FIFA approval make it the perfect accessory for showcasing your skills.

Urban Style Meets Soccer Function

Far more than just a pretty face, the Soccer Innovations Graffiti Ball backs up its bold looks with high-quality performance. The durable composite cover feels abrasion-resistant with a textured surface that’s easy to control.

Inside, a butyl bladder offers superior air retention for reliable bounce and shape after hours of play. The vibrant graffiti design grabs attention while meeting the standards for official size, weight, and bounce set by FIFA and NFHS. Take it to the streets or the pitch to make your mark.

Built For All-Weather Play

Don’t let bad weather bench your game. The Soccer Innovations Graffiti Ball performs in rain or shine thanks to its waterproof cover. The street-wise composite material shrugs off moisture so you can keep your play on point in any conditions.

Puddles and mud won’t slow you down either. The textured cover wipes clean quickly. Just dry it off after wet games and the bold graffiti graphics will continue to pop for the next match. Fade-resistant inks ensure the eye-catching looks last season after season.

Optimized For Street Play

While ideal for league play, this ball is engineered to handle concrete and asphalt. The durable cover resists abrasion from rough street surfaces while still offering responsive touch and control.

The bold graphics and colors increase visibility for reactive play. Take on your friends in pick up games with better ball tracking. The textured composite also provides a layer of puncture protection for reliability when the game gets intense.

Technical Features:

  • Vibrant graffiti graphics for standout style
  • Durable composite cover material
  • Textured surface for great ball feel and control
  • Butyl bladder for superior air retention
  • Waterproof and weather-resistant performance
  • Optimized for street or league play
  • Meets FIFA standards for size, weight, and bounce

Graffiti Designs:

The Soccer Innovations Graffiti Ball is available with a variety of bold graphic prints that let you express your style. Choose from designs like:

Blue Electric: Crackling electric bolts on a blue background create an electrifying look.

Green Inferno: Fiery graphics on a bright green background bring explosive style.

Orange Gravity: A galaxy print with rings of orange and yellow pops against the black cosmos.

Pink Strike: Sharp lightning bolts sizzle with girl power on a hot pink backdrop.

Red Voltage: High-energy graphics on a bold red background make a statement.

Take Your Game to the Next Level

The Soccer Innovations Graffiti Ball elevates your play with a perfect blend of skill-enhancing performance and considered urban style. Graffiti graphics in electric colors energize your game while the durable cover and butyl bladder provide a responsive, all-weather kicking experience.

Bring next-level vibes to the streets or the league pitch with bold swagger. Choose from eye-catching graffiti graphic colors to showcase your skills with fresh style.

We Have You Covered

Soccer Innovations gears up players with top-quality balls and gear designed to elevate your game. We stand behind the Graffiti Street Ball with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Reach out to our customer service team with any questions or concerns.

Take your play to the next level with standout style. Get the Soccer Innovations Graffiti Street Ball today!


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