Spalding 52″ Performance Acrylic Pro Glide Advanced® Portable Basketball Hoop


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Bring the arena to your own backyard with the Spalding 52″ Performance Acrylic Pro Glide Advanced® Portable Basketball Hoop. This high-quality hoop system allows you to enjoy fast-paced games right at home.

The massive 52″ backboard crafted from performance acrylic gives you a playing surface similar to professional hoops. At 1/2″ thick, the acrylic material provides unmatched rebound and durability compared to plastic or polycarbonate backboards. The white screen printed padding has an authentic style you’d see in championship games. Combined with the professional breakaway rim, you get a superior rebounding experience for developing your bank shots, layups and dunks.

A rugged steel frame surrounded by steel bracing firmly supports the backboard to minimize vibrations. This solid construction allows the backboard to withstand aggressive outdoor play for years. The unique 16” offset from the pole to the backboard provides ample space to practice your moves without bumping into the pole.

The height on this adjustable hoop spans from 7.5’ up to the regulation 10’ rim height. The Pro Glide Advanced lift uses a pneumatic gas shock to allow easy one-handed adjustments in 6” increments. Just squeeze the handle and raise or lower the backboard and rim to your desired playing height. Kids can work on fundamentals at lower heights while older players step up the challenge.

The angled oval-shaped pole is made of heavy-duty 3.5” steel and tilts out 20° from vertical. This dynamic angle places the rim directly above the expansive 53” x 32” stability base filled with either water or sand for ballast. The angled pole and weighted base work together to withstand aggressive play, dunking and hanging on the rim. A spring-action Flex Base adds extra rebound to shots off the backboard.

Assembly is straightforward with detailed instructions and all required tools included. Once assembled, simply fill the base with 34 gallons of water or 400 lbs of dry sand and start your basketball workout. The base can be left outside year-round. Drain the water and tip it over when not in use or for off-season storage.

Transform your own backyard into a basketball training ground with professional-style equipment. Develop your shooting, dribbling and defensive skills with daily practice on the Spalding 52” Performance Acrylic Pro Glide Advanced® Portable Basketball Hoop. Order yours today!

Key Features

  • 52″ performance acrylic backboard (1/2″ thick) with screen printed padding
  • Pro Slam breakaway rim for authentic rebound
  • 7.5′ to 10′ adjustable height settings in 6″ increments
  • Pro Glide Advanced lift uses pneumatic gas shock for easy one-handed adjustment
  • 3.5″ oval steel pole with 20° angle from vertical
  • Massive 53″ x 32″ stability base fills with 34 gallons of water or 400 lbs sand
  • Base has spring-action Flex Base for extra rebound
  • Designed for outdoor home use
  • All-weather durability; can be left outside year-round
  • Pole and backboard supported by steel frame and bracing
  • 16″ offset from pole to backboard

Set Up Your Own Backyard Court

Bring your basketball game home with the Spalding 52” Performance Acrylic Pro Glide Advanced portable system. Stop wasting time driving to the gym or waiting for a court. This residential hoop installs right in your own backyard so you can practice on your schedule. Spend 30 minutes working on free throws after school or get up early on weekends to rehearse your jump shots.

The Spalding adjustable hoop is easy to assemble with household tools in just a few hours. Fill the wide base with water or sand to provide plenty of ballast against vigorous play and wind. Leave it standing in your yard all year without worry – the all-weather materials stand up to sun, rain and snow.

Lower the backboard for kids just learning to aim and shoot. As their skills improve, raise the height incrementally to challenge their technique. Advanced players will love the full 10′ regulation height for serious practice. The breakaway rim flexes on fierce dunks to prevent damage.

Grab your ball and start your next game right in your own backyard with the Spalding 52” Performance Acrylic Pro Glide Advanced portable basketball system. Order today and enjoy shooting hoops at home!


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