Sterling Game Leather 11″ Fastpitch Softball with .47 COR and 375lb Max Compression (Dozen)


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Take your fastpitch softball game to the next level with the Sterling Game Leather 11″ Fastpitch Softball. This premium quality ball is constructed with a soft yet durable optic yellow leather cover and a polyurethane core that provides the perfect balance of flexibility and responsiveness. The advanced construction gives this softball an optimal .47 coefficient of restitution (COR) rating and 375lb maximum compression, allowing for maximum pop off the bat and minimizing energy loss from ball deformation. Whether you’re a serious fastpitch player or coach looking for a top-tier game ball, this Sterling fastpitch offers unmatched quality and performance.

The optic yellow leather cover on this 11″ ball provides excellent durability to withstand hours of games and practices while also giving batters great visibility for tracking the ball. Red ESST seam threading reinforces the leather panels and adds a bold, vibrant accent. The polyurethane core compounds advanced polymers to create a lively, resilient interior that maintains its shape and delivers ideal pop. The materials and construction translate to a softball that truly maximizes carry and distance when making contact.

With a .47 COR, this Sterling Game softball provides a higher trampoline effect off the bat to maximize carry and distance. The COR rating measures the elasticity and energy transfer between the ball and bat upon impact. A higher COR results in reduced energy loss and greater energy return for more pop. COR is a defining performance attribute for serious fastpitch players looking to gain every advantage. Combine the high .47 COR with the 375lb maximum compression, which minimizes ball deformation for maximized energy transfer to contact, and you have a premium game ball built for performance.

This optic yellow leather Sterling Game fastpitch softball is approved for all levels of Amateur Softball Association of America (ASA) Championship Play, making it legal for travel ball, high school and college leagues. It meets all ASA equipment and performance standards. The 11″ circumference is ideal for competitive women’s fastpitch. Sterling Sports is the official softball of over 50 collegiate athletic programs, so you can trust this ball will perform at the highest level. It’s backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

The Sterling Game fastpitch softball is sold by the dozen. Each dozen will come from the same production batch ensuring matching quality and performance across the set. Stock up for the season so you always have a supply of fresh, high-end balls ready for games and batting practice. Having a consistent ball with unchanging performance attributes allows players to develop proper hitting mechanics without adjusting to varying ball flight and reaction. Take your team’s development and competitive performance to the next level this season with the Sterling Game leather covered fastpitch softball.

Product Features

  • Cover Material: Durable optic yellow leather
  • Core: Polyurethane core for optimal flexibility and pop
  • Seams: Bold red ESST seam threading
  • .47 Coefficient of Restitution (COR)
  • 375lb Maximum Compression
  • 11″ Circumference
  • ASA Approved for All Levels of Championship Play
  • Sold by the Dozen
  • Made in the USA

Bring elite level performance to your fastpitch softball games with the Sterling Game 11″ Leather Fastpitch Softball. Order a high-quality dozen today.


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