Store All Your Sports Gear Neatly with the WALMANN Garage Sports Equipment Organizer


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Tired of tripping over balls, bats, rackets, and more all over your garage floor? Bring order to the chaos with the WALMANN Garage Sports Equipment Organizer. This heavy-duty steel storage rack mounts to your garage wall to get all your family’s sports gear up and off the floor. No more wasting time searching for missing equipment or risking damage from rolling over balls and gear with your car. The WALMANN organizer is the simple solution you need to keep all your sports gear in one handy spot.

With three adjustable panels and rubber-coated hooks, the WALMANN rack can accommodate all kinds of athletic equipment. Store baseball bats, tennis rackets, hockey sticks, basketballs, soccer balls, footballs, volleyballs, rollerblades, bicycles, helmets, and more. The removable hooks allow you to customize the spacing to fit your specific needs. Skis, fishing rods, lacrosse sticks? No problem – the WALMANN organizer has the versatility to handle it all.

This heavy-duty steel rack can hold up to 600 pounds, so you can load it up without worry. The powder-coated finish resists rust, chips, and cracks while the rubber-coated hooks protect your equipment from scratches. Built to last season after season, this rugged sports organizer will stand up to the wear and tear of active kids and adults alike.

Installation takes just minutes with the included hardware. The pre-drilled tracks are designed for 16 inch wall stud spacing, making it easy to securely mount the rack to hold the weight of your gear. Adjustable screw holes give you flexibility for just the right positioning.

Keep all your sports balls contained in the convenient built-in basket. No more chasing stray balls around the garage. The basket keeps soccer balls, basketballs, footballs, volleyballs, and baseballs neat and tidy while allowing for quick grab and go access.

Transform your disorganized garage into a tidy equipment headquarters with the WALMANN Garage Sports Equipment Organizer. Take back your precious floor space while keeping all your gear damage-free and easy to access.


  • Floor space saving garage storage rack keeps equipment up & off the floor
  • Holds up to 600 pounds of sports gear – built to last
  • Powder coated steel construction resists rust & scratches
  • Cradle basket conveniently stores balls of all sizes
  • Adjustable rubber-coated hooks protect equipment
  • Customize spacing between 3 panels for versatility
  • Heavy-duty for storing bicycles, helmets, rackets, balls & more
  • Pre-drilled tracks designed for 16 inch stud spacing
  • Flexible screw holes for easy & secure mounting
  • Hardware included for simple installation

Make Your Garage a Sporting Goods Headquarters

Tired of constantly searching for missing gloves, pads, helmets and more before practice or a big game? The endless hunting wastes valuable time and leaves everyone stressed and frustrated.

The WALMANN Garage Sports Equipment Organizer is the simple solution to keep all your family’s sports gear organized in one place. Mount it to your garage wall and get everything up off the floor and out of the way of car doors.

Store baseball bats, rackets, hockey sticks, and other bulky gear in the bottom racks. Hang bicycles, skateboards, batting helmets on the adjustable hooks above. Slide skis and fishing rods into place along the versatile steel racks.

The built-in basket helps rein in all those stray balls. No more tripping over soccer balls and basketballs left all over the garage. Just toss them into the container for instant organization. It also makes for quick access when you want to grab one for a game of catch or a trip to the courts.

Say goodbye to the jumbled mess of equipment spread across your garage. The WALMANN organizer neatly contains it all in one simple storage solution.

No More Misplaced Gear

It never fails – whenever you’re rushing out the door to a game or match, there’s always a missing piece of equipment. Everyone’s frantically searching the house and garage trying to track it down, but disorganization makes it impossible to find what you need fast.

The WALMANN Garage Sports Equipment Organizer puts an end to the scavenger hunt by keeping all your gear in assigned spots. Mounted neatly on the wall, you’ll have a designated home for every piece of equipment.

Baseball players will always know just where to grab their bat, glove, and helmet. Soccer players can quickly find shin guards, socks, and cleats all in one place. Tennis players will have fast access to their rackets, balls, grip tape, and more. No more chaos, no more stress. Just the ability to gear up and head out with time to spare.

The WALMANN organizer is a game changer that takes the headache out of getting ready for practice time or the big championship. Stop wasting time tracking down your gear and keep it ready right where you need it. This is one investment guaranteed to pay off in reduced stress and extra time.

Heavy-Duty Steel Construction – Built to Last

As a parent, you know the constant pounding sports equipment takes from active kids. From backyard practices to heated games, all that activity can be hard on gear. Boots get scuffed, helmets cracked, and more.

That’s why the WALMANN Garage Sports Equipment Organizer features a heavy-duty steel construction designed to hold up to years of use. The powder-coated finish resists rust, chips, and scratches even in rainy garages. While the thick, industrial-grade steel keeps the rack from bending, warping, or breaking under weight.

Built to handle the rigors of your athletic family, this sports organizer can easily hold up to 600 pounds. Load it up with hockey bags, basketballs, bicycles, baseball gear, and more without worry. The WALMANN rack is made for superior strength and longevity.

Don’t waste your money replacing flimsy storage options year after year. Invest in the rugged WALMANN organizer made for optimal durability. Enjoy seasons after season of reliable performance keeping all your equipment neat, tidy, and protected.

Save Precious Garage Space

Between bikes, rackets, skis, sporting gear, lawn tools, and everything else, garages quickly turn into a crowded mess. With clutter taking over, your cars barely fit and it’s impossible to find what you need when you need it.

The WALMANN Garage Sports Equipment Organizer takes back your garage by getting everything up off the floor. Mounting to the wall, it keeps all those bulky, awkward pieces organized and out of the way. No more constantly moving bikes and bags just to get your car inside or grabbing the lawnmower.

By containing all the sports equipment in one place, the WALMANN rack frees up valuable floor space. Your garage instantly looks cleaner and more organized. You regain room to easily move around and park your vehicles.

Quit wasting your garage’s potential by letting it turn into a dumping zone. The WALMANN organizer solves the storage crunch and maximizes your space. Reclaim freedom of movement while keeping the sporting gear neatly stashed but still easily accessible. Get your garage back with this simple storage solution.

Customize Your Storage

What’s your sport? Hockey? Basketball? Baseball? Soccer? Football? The WALMANN Garage Sports Equipment Organizer takes the guesswork out of storage by adapting to your family’s needs.

With adjustable rubber-coated hooks, you can easily customize the spacing across the 3 versatile steel panels. Configure it to perfectly fit hockey sticks, baseball bats, tennis rackets, or any other gear.

The removable hooks add to the possibilities for storage. Take them on or off the pre-drilled tracks to create the ideal setup. More hooks to hang bicycles and bags? Or fewer to store long fishing poles? You decide.

The WALMANN organizer adjusts to grow with your changing needs. As you add new sports or activities through the years, just reconfigure the hooks to accommodate. This dynamic sports storage solution can handle it all.

Quit trying to fit your gear into an one-size-fits-all rack. The WALMANN Organizer bends to your storage requirements with fully customizable spacing and hooks.

Protect Your Equipment Investment

Between cost for registration, equipment, and more, playing youth and high school sports requires quite an investment. You want to protect that investment by keeping all that gear from getting damaged.

Letting equipment roll around on the garage floor is an invitation for damage. Hockey sticks get cracked from rolling over balls. Bicycle paint gets scratched up. Helmets get bashed and cracked.


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