StringKing Mark 2G Goalie Lacrosse Head Strung with Grizzly Mesh – More Saves, Better Control


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Specifically engineered for elite goalies, the StringKing Mark 2G lacrosse head boosts save percentage through optimized design. More surface area blocks shots, while strategic stiffening gives you unmatched control. With the Mark 2G strung with Grizzly Mesh, make more saves and quicker outlets to dominate between the pipes.

Save More Shots

The Mark 2G uses maximum legal width and optimized face shape to enlarge the head’s surface area. More material blocks shots high and low. Scooped sidewalls direct low shots into the pocket. Strategically stiffened sidewalls and scoop provide unmatched structure for stopping high heaters. With the oversized Mark 2G covering more net, you’ll save more shots.

Superior Stiffness for Ultimate Control

StringKing constructed the Mark 2G using premium materials that balance flexibility with structural stability. Strategic stiffening gives you total control of your stick without compromising feel and ball control. The throats stiffens to win clamp battles. The scoop maintains shape for quick outlets. Sidewalls stay strong against slashes without muting feel. Get elite control over every save.

42 Stringing Holes for Custom Stringing

With 42 stringing holes, the Mark 2G gives you endless pocket and stringing options. Customize top and mid pocket shape for preferred ball control. Fine-tune sidewall stiffness for your playing style. Tinker with bottom string placement to control rebound direction. Dial in the exact channel depth and whip you need. Become one with your stick by tailoring its every detail.

Shortened Throat for Quicker Response

The Mark 2G shortens the throat without reducing surface area to accelerate hand speed. Decreased distance from the throat to scoop shortens the lever for crisper reaction time. Less material lowers mass so the head moves and changes direction quicker. Combine lightning-fast hands with optimized shape to save more shots and ignitefaster transitions.

Strung with Grizzly Mesh for Elite Control

The included Grizzly Mesh pocket optimizes ball control, rebound direction, and hold. A semi-soft mesh contours around shots without bagging. Interwoven nylon hugs the ball on outlet passes while providing precise hold. Mid and lower nylon extends pocket depth to cradle shots with max control. Get pro-level ball control with Grizzly Mesh.

Lightweight for Faster Hands

The engineered shape of the Mark 2G eliminates unnecessary mass for lightning-quick hands. Strategic cutouts and an optimized skeleton lower weight without compromising stiffness. At 465 grams strung, this is one of the lightest yet most rigid goalie heads. With less weight to move, make more reaction saves and quicker outlet passes.

Built for Extreme Durability

StringKing constructed the Mark 2G from premium materials that withstand season after season of abuse. Strong yet pliable proprietary plastics maintain shape. Anodized aluminum sidewalls and throat resist dents. Strategically reinforced stress points endure slashes. If it does break, StringKing offers a 1-year warranty for free replacement.

Get every advantage between the pipes with the StringKing Mark 2G. More saves. Superior control. Lightning-fast hands. Game-changing technology from the top lacrosse engineers. Step up your goalie game with the Mark 2G.


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