StringKing Men’s Metal 3 Pro Defense Lacrosse Shaft – More Durable and Improved Alloy for Superior Performance


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Take your defense game to the next level with the StringKing Men’s Metal 3 Pro Defense Lacrosse Shaft. This durable and lightweight shaft features an improved alloy and smart material distribution to make it the strongest in the StringKing lineup. Whether you’re a high school, college, or professional player, the Metal 3 Pro gives you the strength and performance needed to play physical defense against the most aggressive offensive players.

Improved Strength and Durability

The Metal 3 Pro lacrosse shaft starts with a better manufacturing process that makes the alloy stronger without adding extra weight. By analyzing warranty claims, StringKing identified weak points in the design and reinforced those areas. The end result is a shaft that is more resistant to checks, slashes, and impacts. StringKing optimized the thickness of the shaft walls and minimized unnecessary material to find the perfect balance of strength and lightweight feel.

More Options for the Right Level of Durability

Not everyone needs the same level of durability in a lacrosse shaft. That’s why the Metal 3 Pro comes in different variations so you can find the right option for your game and budget. The basic Metal 3 Pro has improved strength over previous models while the Metal 3 Pro D6 adds another layer of durability. Step up to the Metal 3 Pro Legend for maximum strength with a 12-month warranty against denting and bending. With better materials and manufacturing, even the standard Metal 3 Pro shafts are built to last longer than previous generations.

Perfect Weight and Balance for Defensive Play

The StringKing Metal 3 Pro lacrosse shaft weighs just 175-180 grams depending on flex. This puts it right in the ideal range for a lightweight but strong defensive shaft. By optimizing the design, StringKing avoided adding extra ounces that would slow you down on the field. The balance point is precision-calculated to give you maximum control when poke checking, lifting hands, and slashing on defense. With the Metal 3 Pro in your hands, you’ll have the quick reactions and maneuverability needed to shut down the opposition’s top offensive threats.

Lower Price for Superior Performance

With improvements in manufacturing and design, StringKing can offer the Metal 3 Pro line at a more affordable price than previous generations. The standard Metal 3 Pro is priced below competing metal shafts while offering better dent resistance and strength. Even the Metal 3 Pro Legend with its 12-month warranty comes in at a very competitive price point compared to other premium shafts. StringKing cuts out the retail markup so you get advanced performance at a price that provides excellent value.

Designed and Tested for Elite Lacrosse

The StringKing brand was built by lacrosse players for lacrosse players. The engineers and product designers come from championship college programs and the MLL pro league. By leveraging this experience at the highest levels of the sport, they can design gear that meets the demands of elite players. The Metal 3 Pro went through extensive prototype testing and feedback from top players to ensure it provides the right blend of strength, balance, and feel. StringKing only puts their name on products proven to perform at the highest standards.

Choose Your Flex and Grip for the Perfect Fit

The Metal 3 Pro comes in a range of flex options so you can get a shaft tailored to your playing style. The Soft flex works best for quick, finesse defenders while the Stiff flex gives pole-men the rigidity needed for more physical play. An Intermediate option balances those properties for all-around performance. Each shaft also comes with a textured grip baked into the design during manufacturing. This gives you excellent control without tape that can tear or peel off. Select your preferred flex and get a dialed-in feel that matches your game.

StringKing Technology Delivers Consistent Quality

Consistency is crucial for product performance, so StringKing engineered the Metal 3 Pro line with several unique technologies:

IsoPlane Technology – Uses smoothly connected triangular shapes in the interior construction to limit vibrations and provide a uniform feel across the entire shaft.

FlexGuard Technology – Strategically adjusts wall thickness to guarantee each shaft flexes as designed for balanced performance.

Ultralok Technology – Locks the head and shaft together for maximum energy transfer using an internal shape that won’t loosen over time.

Combined together, these technologies ensure every Metal 3 Pro shaft offers the same precision quality and well-balanced feel. You get optimal energy transfer and durability you can rely on from shaft to shaft.

Designed for Compatibility and Customization

The StringKing Metal 3 Pro comes with a universal lacrosse head fitting so you can use it with your choice of heads from any brand. It’s compatible with traditional screw-in heads as well as heads that use the pinch bolt mounting system. The shaft accepts standard lacrosse butt ends and is pre-drilled for easy installation. Its smooth matte finish and simple logo allow you to string your pocket and customize the shaft however you like. Make it your own and get the exact look, feel, and performance you want.

StringKing Metal 3 Pro Defense Lacrosse Shaft – Takeaway

Built for defense, the StringKing Metal 3 Pro lacrosse shaft gives you everything needed to play physically and slow down the opponent’s top offensive weapons. Its improved alloy and optimized design make it over 25% stronger to withstand slashes, checks, and impacts. With different flex and durability options, you can get a shaft tailored for your game from a brand trusted by elite players. Backed by StringKing’s engineering and testing, the Metal 3 Pro will give you consistent quality and balanced performance all season long. Order today and get the strength and technology to elevate your defensive game.


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