STX Adjustable Multi-Angle Lacrosse Rebound Net – Perfect for Skills Training and Drills


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Take your lacrosse skills to the next level with the STX Multi-Position Training Rebounder. This high-quality lacrosse rebound net allows players of all ages and skill levels to practice catching, scooping, throwing, and shooting anytime.

The sturdy steel frame on this lacrosse training rebounder withstands repetitive impacts from lacrosse balls, while the adjustable angles let you customize your practice. Vary the rebound angle to sharpen your reaction skills. Start at a straight vertical angle to warm up your hands and work on accuracy. Then adjust to more extreme angles for unpredictability to keep you on your toes.

Key Features:

  • Easily adjustable frame with multiple angles for varied bounce back
  • Heavy-duty steel construction built to last
  • Large 4′ x 3′ nylon netting for full rebound area
  • Bungee attachments keep net taut and rebound predictable
  • Folds down for easy portability and storage
  • Perfect solo training tool for all lacrosse positions

With a generous 4 foot by 3 foot rebound surface, this lacrosse trainer provides all the space you need to sharpen your skills. Use it to practice pinpoint passes, work on stick tricks, or develop lightning-fast reaction times. The adjustable angle settings ensure the ball rebounds right back to your stick so you can continue your repetitions smoothly.

Both young lacrosse players and experienced veterans can benefit from training with the STX rebound net. Use it to:

  • Improve hand-eye coordination and reaction time
  • Develop quicker footwork and lateral movement
  • Reinforce proper cradling, scooping, passing, and catching technique
  • Enhance shooting accuracy on the run and during approach
  • Rehearse game-speed offensive and defensive techniques

The heavy-duty bungee attachments keep the nylon net taut, so you’ll get consistent rebound performance for more effective skills training. When you’re finished practicing, the steel frame folds down for easy storage and portability.

Whether you’re a coach looking for new training tools or a player determined to reach the next level, the STX Multi-Position Lacrosse Rebounder is an excellent way to build key skills anytime. Use it for solo practice at home, or team drills at the park or field. Amazon reviewers agree – this versatile lacrosse trainer takes your performance to the next level!

Customer Reviews

“This rebounder is awesome! It folds up nicely for storage and travel. Very easy to set angles and move around. Great item for youth and HS lacrosse players.”

“This has been huge for my son’s development in lacrosse. He uses it every day to sharpen his skills. Great quality and easy to move to different angles.”

“I coach a college lacrosse team and purchased this to mix up our training. The adjustability is fantastic. My players’ hand speed has definitely improved!”

“Got this for my daughter to practice lacrosse at home. She loves changing the rebound angle herself and says it really elevates her training.”

“An excellent product! My son’s lacrosse skills have come a long way with regular rebounder practice. Highly recommend for serious players.”

Take the next step in your lacrosse training and bring your skills to game speed. With adjustable angles and a generous catch area, the STX Multi-Position Rebounder enhances accuracy, reaction time, footwork, and more. It makes solo practice more productive and adds a fun new element to team training.

Order the STX Adjustable Lacrosse Rebound Net today and see your skills skyrocket!


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