Stylin’ Strings Traditional Lacrosse Stringing Kit – Men’s


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Take your lacrosse game to the next level with the Stylin’ Strings Traditional Lacrosse Stringing Kit. This complete kit contains everything you need for a pro-level restring – genuine leather shooting strings, nylon sidewall strings, and pro-grade mesh.

Traditional Leather Shooting Strings

The highlight of this kit is the traditional leather shooting strings. These genuine leather laces provide unmatched feel and control when cradling, passing, and shooting. The lightly waxed leather cords have just the right amount of grip, so the ball stays secure in the pocket without slowing down your release. Leather laces also soften and form to your unique playing style over time.

We ethically source our leather from American tanneries that use hides from free-range cattle. Our leather shooting strings stand up to years of play while developing a storied, weathered look that serious players love.

Durable Nylon Sidewall Strings

Nylon sidewall strings are crucial for getting that crisp, defined pocket you need for accurate passing and shooting. This kit includes 20 feet of tried-and-true nylon shooting string in your choice of color.

Our sidewall string is made from high-grade nylon that won’t stretch or degrade over time. It features a waxed coating for just the right amount of grip against the head. The nylon material also resists water absorption, so your strings won’t get heavier in wet conditions.

High-Performance Mesh

Take your pick of mesh options to complete your dream pocket. Choose from different diamond sizes, materials, and properties to get the ball control, hold, and release you want.

Options include:

  • Hard mesh – Low stretch for superior ball control
  • Soft mesh – Better hold and pocket feel
  • Memory mesh – Shape-retaining for consistent release
  • Monofilament nylon or polyethylene options
  • 10 to 20 diamond size
  • Multiple colors available

With the right mesh, you’ll gain consistency and boost your passing, catching, and shooting skills. Our mesh is made to pro tolerances for flawless stringing every time.

Complete Restringing Solution

This traditional stringing kit contains everything you need to restring your lacrosse head to your exact specifications. In addition to shooting strings, sidewalls, and mesh, the kit includes:

  • Stringing pliers – For easy, tight string installation
  • Replacement screws – Secure the mesh and shooting strings
  • Waxed lacing cord – Finish off end caps and shooting string ends
  • Stringing guide – Step-by-step instructions for perfect pocket

With the Stylin’ Strings lacrosse restringing kit, you’ll save money versus buying components separately. And you’ll have the peace of mind of having a complete, reliable setup ready for stringing day.

Take your game into legendary status with this traditional leather shooting string kit. The proven components withstand tough game play and develop character over time. Order the Stylin’ Strings Traditional Lacrosse Stringing Kit today to improve your control, feel, and command of the ball.


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