Take Your Game to the Next Level with the SiQ Smart Basketball & App




Shoot better now with real-time feedback and analytics used by the pros. The SiQ Smart Basketball uses next-generation technology to track over 190 data points per shot, providing instant analysis to improve your form, consistency, and in-game shooting. See results in just weeks with this breakthrough training tool.

The SiQ sensor tracks makes, misses, swishes, shooting location, and advanced metrics like release speed, arc, and more. It uses AI and 9D sensors to monitor your shot mechanics from take-off to follow through. The sensor is FIBA approved and does not affect the weight or trajectory of the ball during play.

With the SiQ app, you can:

  • View shot charts showing your makes and misses
  • See shot velocity, arc, and other key metrics
  • Get personalized feedback on shooting form
  • Track improvement over time with performance graphs
  • Compete globally and see rankings versus other players
  • Take on shooting challenges and basketball-inspired games

It’s like having a shooting coach in your driveway giving feedback with every shot! See your shooting percentages and FG% climb as you dial in your mechanics.


  • Premium leather basketball with embedded sensors
  • 9D sensor tracks 190+ data points per shot
  • AI analyzes shooting form and provides instant feedback
  • View shot charts, make %, and in-depth shooting metrics
  • Shooting challenges, leaderboards, and basketball games
  • 500+ hour battery life with USB charging
  • For indoor and outdoor use
  • Men’s (29.5″), Women’s/Youth (28.5″) sizes

The SiQ Smart Basketball is the ultimate training tool and gift for players looking to take their game to the next level. From youth to pros, it builds consistency and confidence by tracking results and highlighting areas for improvement. Players see rapid gains in shooting percentages in just weeks.

It makes solo shooting practice feel like a fun game! The interactive drills and competitions motivate you to get out and shoot more. Take on friends and other players around the world on the leaderboards.

For parent-coaches and kids, it takes the guesswork out of shot improvement. No more wondering what went wrong on a miss or how to get better. SiQ provides the visual data and feedback for rapid improvement. Kids have fun competing while developing proper shooting form.

SiQ is used by high school, college, and pro players to build muscle memory and consistency by perfecting their mechanics. It’s an unbeatable value for the price of just a basketball and app. Significantly cheaper than hiring a shooting coach or attending an expensive camp. And way more fun than shooting alone without feedback.

The SiQ Smart Basketball is great for men, women, and youth players of all skill levels. It comes in official men’s size 7 (29.5″) and women’s size 6 (28.5″). Please refer to the size chart for recommended age and height guidelines.

If you’re looking to improve your shot, this is a game-changer. The SiQ Smart Basketball package includes:

  • Premium leather basketball with embedded sensor
  • Charging USB cable
  • Access to SiQ App with drills, coaching, and games
  • 2-year warranty

Shoot better starting today with SiQ Smart Basketball. Your new go-to training tool for building confidence and consistency on the court. Order now and start improving your mechanics and shot percentages!


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