Take Your Soccer Skills to the Next Level with the RoundFunny Rebounder Board and Training Set




The RoundFunny Soccer Rebounder Board is the ultimate backyard training tool for improving your shooting, passing, and ball control. With a generous 40″ x 16″ rebounding surface, this dual-angle board simulates real game play so you can sharpen your techniques on your own.

Designed for versatile outdoor and indoor use, the sturdy HDPE plastic withstands intense drills on any surface. Take it to the backyard, local field, or team practice to get quality rep after rep. Foldable and portable with an easy carry handle.


– 40″ x 16″ HDPE plastic rebounder board
– Dual adjustable angles (60° and 45°)
– Foldable design with carry handle
– 20 plastic agility cones (7.3″ tall)
– Cone holder and mesh carry bag
– Bonus shooting training number stickers

With a simple angle adjustment, you can alternate between practicing crosses, chips, volleys, and hard-driven shots. The durable, weather-resistant material models the unpredictability of a live opponent to sharpen your reactions and ball control.

Set up the included agility cones for dribbling exercises, footwork drills, and passing practice. The non-marking plastic cones bounce back after impact and stand up even on turf. The mesh bag conveniently holds the cones, while the multi-hole base keeps them organized between uses.

Chart your improvement with the shooting range numerical stickers. Mark shooting zones on the board to aim for and track your shot accuracy over time.

Practice Like the Pros in Your Own Backyard

The RoundFunny Rebounder Board simulates live ball action so you can rehearse realistic in-game scenarios. Master pinpoint crosses, bending shots, volleys, chips, headers and more with endless repetition.

With no one needed to feed balls or defend, you get quality individual skill work. Focus on proper shooting form and technique without relying on others. Build muscle memory by grooving your motions through solo drills.

The random rebounds improve reaction time and first touch. You’ll learn to adapt to bad bounces and quickly reset for your next shot. Develop footwork and ball control by maneuvering around cones into shooting position.

Use the angled surface to practice crosses, lobs, bending shots, and other intelligent plays to beat a keeper. The less predictable rebounds prepare you to convert in real game situations.

Set up target zones with the stickers to challenge your accuracy. Aim for the corners or practice curling shots just inside the posts. Check your precision over time as your consistency improves.

The sturdy rebounder withstands the hardest driven shots, so you can practice shooting power without babying your kicks. Unleash your full-force strikes from both feet without fear of damage.

With the PitchBACK Rebounder Board, you get professional-quality training without the private coach price tag. Sharpen your technical abilities through purposeful repetition at home. Develop next-level skills for primetime performance on the field.

Designed for Players of All Levels and Ages

From youth players to high school varsity, the RoundFunny Rebounder is an ideal solo training aid. It builds proper fundamentals through muscle memory while making practice fun.

Kids love the instant feedback as they work on their shots. The board builds confidence by allowing them to repeat techniques until they stick. No more chasing stray balls or relying on others for passes.

Help your child fall in love with the game by encouraging extra practice time in the backyard. They’ll see serious improvement in their foot skills, aim, and power.

Competitive players use the rebounder to rehearse their complete offensive arsenal. With endless reps, they hone pinpoint crosses, chips, volleys, headers and bending shots.

At all levels, technical repetition develops the touch and accuracy needed to excel during games. Practice consistently with the RoundFunny Rebounder Board to unlock your full potential on the pitch.

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