Team Defender Pro Series Baseball Glove for Youth Players | Left Hand Thrower Glove Protects Palm and Prevents Injuries


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Help your young player stay safe on the field with the Team Defender Pro Series Baseball Glove. Specifically designed for left handed throwers, this innovative glove provides padded protection for the vulnerable palm and thumb area to prevent painful injuries during catches and impacts.

As a parent, keeping your child safe is the number one priority. With the repeated catches, hits, and throws involved in baseball and softball, hands are extremely susceptible to bruises, jammed fingers, and even fractures or hyperextension. Our glove helps defend against all of those risks to keep your child playing confidently and comfortably all season long.

Protects Against Dangerous Hyperextension and Impact Injuries

The Team Defender Pro Series glove features a rigid, molded rubber thumb guard that prevents the thumb from bending backwards into a painful hyperextended position. Hyperextension injuries are unfortunately very common in baseball, often requiring weeks or even months to properly heal. Our thumb guard acts as a shield to stop over-extension before it happens.

The glove also has thick padding on the palm and fingers to absorb impact from repeated catches. The shock-absorbing foam prevents the reverberating forces from transferring into the delicate bones and joints of the hand, reducing bruises and the risk of fractures or dislocations.

Comfortable Fit Allows Full Mobility and Flexibility

Even with the protective features, the Team Defender Pro glove maintains maximum flexibility and responsiveness. The molded thumb guard does not limit motion, and the lightweight padding adds cushion without bulk. Your child will enjoy full freedom of movement to catch, throw, and grip the ball with precision.

The adjustable wrist strap ensures a snug, tailored fit, while the breathable fabric and anti-slip grip make it comfortable to wear inning after inning. Padding along the fingers and palm eliminates pressure points for superior comfort.

Designed for Serious Youth Players Ages 8 and Up

If your child plays competitive baseball or softball, the Team Defender Pro glove gives them an advantage to improve their game. The protection allows them to catch confidently without fear of impact or hyperextension injuries. This means they can react quickly, catch hard line drives, and dive for balls without hesitation.

Youth sizes available:

  • Small: Fits ages 5-8
  • Medium: Fits ages 9-10
  • Large: Fits ages 11-13

Compare hand size to the sizing chart image to select the right fit. The adjustable wrist strap also allows room to grow.

Engineered for Years of Use

Built to withstand even the most rigorous season, the Team Defender Pro glove is made with high quality materials and craftsmanship. The durable synthetic leather exterior withstands dirt, sweat, and the outdoor elements. Dense foam padding holds its shock-absorbing shape game after game. And reinforced stitching provides strength and integrity season after season.

For those who want to transition to a fingerless style, the reinforced stitching allows the fingers to be cleanly cut off above the protective padding.

With the Team Defender Pro youth glove, you can feel confident you’re giving your young player the best protection available. The advanced guard and padding technology protects against injury and pain, while the breathable, flexible fit allows freedom of motion for catching, throwing, and batting. Give your child the competitive advantage of safety and comfort on the field.


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