Timgle Portable Pitching Mound – Perfect Your Pitch Wherever You Practice




Bring the ballpark home with the Timgle Portable Pitching Mound. This lightweight yet durable mound is ideal for backyard batting practice, basement pitching lessons, or garage pitching warmups. With a realistic slope and quality construction, the Timgle mound helps hurlers of all ages refine their mechanics and improve their game.

Practice Your Pitching Technique Anywhere

The Timgle Portable Pitching Mound transforms any space into your own personal practice field. The 30 x 30 x 4 inch size provides ample room for a full pitching motion, while still being small enough to use indoors or outdoors. Weighing only 26 lbs, the mound is easy to move and set up wherever you want to practice.

Whether you’re a Little League pitcher perfecting your curveball in the backyard, a high school hurler polishing your pickoff move in the garage, or a college ace sharpening your slider in the basement, the Timgle mound gives you a game-like surface for dialing in your delivery. No more flattening out your motion on a gym floor or dirt surface. This pitching mound allows young hurlers to ingrain proper pitching mechanics through quality repetitive practice.

Realistic 4 Inch Height

The Timgle pitching mound stands 4 inches high at its peak. This slope mimics regulation baseball diamond mounds, giving pitchers an authentic feel during training.

As you work from the peak down the front slope, your body naturally adjusts to generate momentum toward home plate. The angled pitch encourages proper weight transfer during the delivery motion, building muscle memory for generating maximum power. The stable surface also provides traction to finish your pitch with confidence.

The 4 inch height and sloped angle places fielders at the optimal position to practice fielding bunts and comebackers. Turn your training space into a mini ballpark!

Durable Construction for Repeated Use

Built to withstand many practice sessions, the Timgle pitching mound features a sturdy wood frame with artificial turf on top.

The durable wooden base establishes a solid foundation for balancing your delivery on the sloped surface. The steady construction ensures the mound does not wobble or shake while you pitch. The wood also resists weathering, so you can use it outside for seasons of backyard bullpen sessions.

The artificial turf provides traction to dig in on each pitch, just like on a real mound. Advanced technologies make the turf resistant to fading and wear. The special fibers ensure balls take true hops when fielding grounders. The turf maintains its quality surface despite repetitive use during pitching lessons and practice.

Portable and Versatile for All Training Spaces

The lightweight pitching mound is easy to pick up and move from place to place. Weighing only 26 lbs, most kids can carry it on their own. The compact 30 x 30 size allows it to fit in tight spaces, like a garage or basement corner.

Take it outside for dedicated pitching practice before and after Little League games. Move a few feet inside to continue sharpening skills even in bad weather. Set it up near a net and tee for independent pitching and hitting sessions. Keep it in a batting cage for protection during explosive pitch sequences.

Wherever you practice, the Timgle Portable Pitching Mound provides young hurlers with a realistic pitching experience. All pitchers need quality repetition from the same timing, heights, and angles found on a regulation baseball diamond. This versatile mound allows for proper mechanics training in any location so pitchers are game-ready after each practice session. Order the Timgle mound today to begin perfecting your pitch everywhere you practice!


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