VEVOR Portable Baseball Softball Practice Net Set with Batting Tee, Strike Zone, and Carry Bag




Elevate your baseball or softball skills with this all-in-one batting practice set from VEVOR. The comprehensive kit includes a durable 5x5ft net, adjustable batting tee, portable strike zone, regulation ball, and convenient carry bag for easy transport and storage. Ideal for solo training or team practices in backyards and parks.

With reinforced stability and weather-resistant materials built to last, this versatile practice station trains all core baseball and softball techniques. Master your swing against the central net. Work on precision pitching and catching skills using the pop-up strike zone. Tee-up hits with the adjustable stand. Take your game to the next level!

Sturdy Support Structure Withstands Intense Training

The rigid, anti-tip frame provides rock-solid stability for the central net. Built from thick 12.7mm fiberglass rods with enhanced durability and weather-resistance, the specialized batting cage frame stands up to high-velocity pitches and powerful hits without shaking or swaying.

Steel tube reinforcements along the bottom further prevent wobbling while fortifying the entire structure. Despite the lightweight portability, the fortified design remains taut and taught practice after practice. Set up your solo or team training station in seconds.

High-Density Net Optimized for Batting Practice

Built from heavy-duty polyester and nylon fabric, the knotless net optimizes rebound and accuracy feedback. The tight weave creates a flat, smooth surface with minimal friction against balls for truer bouncebacks.

High tensile strength withstands repetitive swings from wood, metal, and composite bats. The reinforced fibers maintain excellent shape retention even when hit with full power. Fine-tune mechanics like timing, swing plane, and contact point.

Strike Zone Target Hones Precision Pitching

The pop-up strike zone target lets pitchers sharpen their accuracy and technique. Work on hitting corners, moving the ball in and out, and hitting specific zones like the black or knees.

The removable strike zone fabric attaches with hook and loop fasteners for adjustable vertical placement. Move the target up or down to practice different pitch planes and locations. Pinpoint your pitches every time!

Adjustable Batting Tee Accommodates All Ages

The height-adjustable batting tee provides practice versatility for players of all ages and skill levels. Simply slide the telescoping riser up or down to set the perfect ball height based on the batter’s strike zone.

With adjustable heights from 27.6 to 42.1 inches, the portable tee is ideal for adults and kids alike. Tee-up hits to hone your swing mechanics, timing, and contact point without chasing pitches. Convenient sand-filled ball included.

Carry Bag Streamlines Transport & Storage

The heavy-duty Oxford carry bag simplifies transport to practices, games, or backyard training sessions. Just collapse the frame, remove the feet, and pack all components neatly into the rugged bag. Twin handles and a shoulder strap provide carrying options.

The durable 600D polyester material withstands rips, moisture, and abrasions while protecting your practice gear. Zippered closure keeps contents secure on the move. Bring your practice station anywhere without hassle!

With reinforced stability and premium construction, this all-in-one practice set trains core baseball and softball skills for years to come. Step up your game with dedicated solo and team training tools from VEVOR!


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