VICIS ZERO2 Trench Elite Football Helmet – First Position-Specific Helmet for Linemen


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Engineered specifically for linemen, the VICIS ZERO2 Trench Elite takes helmet technology to the next level. It’s designed to reduce repetitive, low-impact hits linemen take play after play in the trenches. Protect your head with the top-ranked helmet tested by the NFL and NFLPA!

Optimized for Linemen

The ZERO2 Trench Elite features a refined interior padding system tuned to withstand the constant helmet-to-helmet contact linemen experience. Strategic padding zones work to displace linear and rotational impact forces that lead to concussions and long-term brain injuries.

Top-Ranked by Leading Experts

This groundbreaking helmet ranked #1 in the NFL/NFLPA’s helmet laboratory testing. It also earned Virginia Tech’s highest 5-star rating and #1 spot out of 28 helmets tested. The ZERO2 Trench scored a remarkable 0.52 – the lower the score, the better the performance. The average 5-star helmet scores around 4.25, so this helmet is in a class of its own!

Revolutionary Layered Shell

The innovative VICIS shell technology features columns that layer over each other to flex and displace impact forces. The columns have varied stiffness, acting like shock absorbers to minimize the sudden rotational motions that cause concussions.

Lightweight Titanium Facemask

This helmet comes equipped with a titanium facemask that’s 30% lighter than traditional stainless steel. The reduced mass lowers rotational acceleration caused by frontal hits. The streamlined geometric shape improves sightlines and clearance.

Product Details:

– Size: S, M, L, XL
– Shell: RFLX layering system with varied column stiffness
– Padding: Tuned for linemen
– Facemask: Streamlined titanium
– Visor: Oakley Edge clear shield
– Helmet case included

Superior Fit & Comfort

VICIS helmets are engineered with a smooth, low-friction outer shell that moves easily over the inner padding. This reduces torque on your head and neck. Customize the fit with our simple size guide and tool-free adjusters for superior comfort.

Help Make Football Safer

Player safety is VICIS’ top priority. Their engineers and doctors are on a mission to reduce on-field head injuries. Support this important work by equipping yourself or your player with the most advanced helmet technology available!

Simple Size Guide:

Follow our 3 simple steps for a perfect helmet fit:

1. Measure head circumference in inches about 1/2 inch above eyebrows.
2. Match measurement to size chart below.
3. Use fit pads and adjusters to customize fit.

Size S: 20 7/8” to 22”
Size M: 22 1/8” to 23 1/4″
Size L: 23 3/8” to 24 1/2”
Size XL: 24 5/8” to 26”

VICIS helmets tend to fit slightly snug to eliminate slack that could lead to injury. Err on the smaller size if between 2 sizes.

Protect Your Head, Protect Your Future

The ZERO2 Trench Elite was engineered using the latest research and technologies to maximize protection for linemen. Don’t settle for anything less than the best when it comes to your brain health. Choose the helmet ranked #1 by the experts today!


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