Warrior Burn XP Lacrosse Gloves


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Elevate your game with the 2022 Warrior Burn XP lacrosse gloves. Engineered for elite-level performance, these gloves deliver the perfect blend of protection, dexterity, and slick style. The Burn XP gloves feature a flexible XRD foam padding system to disperse impact while the AX suede palm offers premium grip and control. Get ready to burn the competition in the game’s most advanced glove.

Flexible XRD Foam Protection

Warrior equips the Burn XP gloves with advanced flexible foam padding to protect your hands during play. XRD foam disperses impact energy, preventing brute force from reaching your hands. The padding moves and flexes naturally with your hands for unrestricted mobility while shot blocking, checking, and scooping ground balls. Strategically placed foam pads defend your fingers, knuckles, and wrists from slashes and checks.

Breathable Backhand Mesh

The Burn XP lacrosse gloves feature a breathable backhand mesh that keeps your hands cool and dry during intense gameplay. This lightweight mesh material promotes airflow across the back of the gloves, wicking moisture away from the skin. Your hands stay fresh and sweat-free quarter after quarter when the action heats up.

AX Suede Palm

Warrior outfits the Burn XP with an AX suede palm, their most advanced palm material ever engineered. The soft suede offers a supple, comfortable feel across the entire palm while providing elite grip and ball control. Scoop ground balls with confidence thanks to the AX suede’s tackiness in all weather conditions. It bonds securely to lacrosse stick handles for slashes, catches, and passes with surgeon-like precision.

Pre-Curved Finger Design

The pre-curved finger design of the Burn XP gloves naturally match the shape of your fingers for a broken-in, game-ready feel straight out of the box. The fingers come contoured in a permanent catching position, eliminating the break-in period. You get full dexterity and flexibility to catch, cradle and pass immediately with zero restrictions.

Fit and Comfort

Warrior optimizes the fit and feel of the Burn XP gloves for total comfort. Lightweight TPR wrist wraps secure the gloves firmly in place for a locked-in fit. An internal silicone print lines the fingers and thumb for enhanced grip and control while the ventilated backhand mesh keeps air flowing. Pick your preferred colorway to match your team colors or stand out on the field. Choose between sizes XS, S, M, L and XL for an ideal fit.

Play With Confidence

Bring your best game to the competition with the elite-level performance and protection of the Warrior Burn XP lacrosse gloves. The flexible XRD foam padding allows you to block shots without fear while the AX suede palm gives you the grip and dexterity needed to own ground balls, cradle cleanly, and land accurate passes. Take your game to the next level with the gloves engineered for champions – the 2022 Warrior Burn XP.


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