Wettarn Agility Training Hurdles – Take Your Sports Skills to the Next Level


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Push your athletic skills to new heights with the Wettarn 30 Pcs Speed Hurdles Agility Training Set. With these lightweight and portable hurdles, you can set up drills and obstacle courses to improve footwork, speed, agility, and more. Train like a pro to gain a competitive edge.

All-in-One Agility Training Solution

The Wettarn hurdle set provides everything you need for pro-level agility drills. The 30 pack includes 6-inch hurdles that are ideal for athletes of all ages and skill levels. Use them to create ladder, zigzag, and hopscotch patterns to improve lateral quickness, explosiveness, and multi-directional speed.

The hurdles feature a versatile flat-top design that lets you vary the height simply by stacking. Go higher as your abilities improve. With endless drill possibilities, these hurdles elevate sports skills training for basketball, baseball, soccer, football, lacrosse, tennis, and more.

Lightweight and Portable for Use Anywhere

Built from durable, waterproof ABS plastic, these hurdles weigh less than one pound each. The lightweight build makes them easy for kids to maneuver and carry. After practice, the hurdles stack neatly into an included mesh bag for compact storage.

Take them to practice at school or transport them easily for use at home. The bright yellow color provides high visibility for indoor or outdoor use. With their take-anywhere portability, the training possibilities are endless.

Develop Critical Athletic Skills

Using the Wettarn hurdles consistently will help develop key skills that give athletes an edge. Here are some of the abilities you can improve:

Quickness and Acceleration – Zigzag sprint drills with the hurdles boost straight-line explosiveness out of cuts and improve start-stop speed.

Lateral Speed – Lateral shuffle drills and cariocas with the hurdles help athletes change direction smoothly while maintaining speed.

Coordination and Balance – Hopscotch and crossover drill patterns with hurdles sharpen proprioceptive skills for better body control.

Leg Power – Bounding over hurdles and plyometric box drills strengthen muscles for increased leaping and sprinting capacity.

Footwork and Agility – Weaving through complex hurdle arrangements improves non-linear multi-directional agility.

With a focus on proper technique during drills, athletes build neuromuscular connections that translate into enhanced performance on the field or court.

Fun For All Ages and Skill Levels

The Wettarn hurdle set allows coaches and athletes to get creative with their training. Make simple speed ladders or complex obstacle patterns to challenge agility. Lower heights are perfect for youth and allow adults to work on form.

Increase the intensity as skills improve by raising hurdles, shortening distances, and speeding footwork. Track progress and turn training into fun games or fitness challenges.

The hurdles are also great for creating engaging obstacle courses for group fitness or bootcamp-style training. Get the whole team moving together to build camaraderie and excitement.

With their bright color and visible design, the Wettarn hurdles liven up any practice session. Give your training an energizing boost while honing your athletic capacities with this versatile agility training kit.

We Have You Covered

Wettarn provides top-quality sports training gear to help athletes reach their potential. We stand behind our products with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Get in touch with any questions or concerns – our friendly support team is happy to help!

Shop with confidence and take your skills to the next level with the Wettarn 30 Pcs Speed Hurdles today!


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