Wettarn Bulk Basketball Set – 6 Size 5 Basketballs with Pump for Kids Basketball Games, Training, and Christian Charity Donations


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Bring the joy of basketball into your community with this bulk set of 6 high-quality size 5 basketballs from Wettarn. Perfect for donating to schools, youth programs, churches, and more, these durable rubber basketballs allow kids to get in the game while giving back.

Whether you’re a coach looking to outfit your team, a school in need of new gym equipment, or a youth organization seeking active recreation supplies, this affordable basketball set has you covered. The included air pump and needles make it easy to inflate each ball to ideal firmness before the opening tipoff.

Official Regulation Size for authentic feel

Built to official size 5 specifications, these basketballs measure approximately 27.5 inches in circumference for a realistic feel during dribbling, shooting, and passing drills. The premium rubber exterior with deep channel design provides superior grip and control for developing fundamental skills. Kids will love the authentic bounce and handling.

As the most common ball size for youth and amateur play, size 5 is ideal for players aged 12 and under. Though a bit large for small children, the standard dimensions help young athletes develop skills that transfer to high school, college, and pro play. These quality practice and game balls meet the standards for most kid’s recreational leagues and school teams.

Durable Rubber Retains Shape and Bounce

The rugged rubber construction stands up to repeated use on outdoor courts and indoor gym floors. The balls retain their shape and responsiveness even after aggressive play, errant kicks, and hard concrete. While tough enough for blacktop, the cushioned feel also helps prevent injuries during high-energy school yard pickup games.

The outdoor-friendly materials need minimal upkeep compared to leather balls. Simply wipe clean between uses to remove dirt and debris. Though abrasions may naturally occur over time, performance remains consistent with the hardy rubber build. Serious players can keep dribbling and shooting in all conditions.

Textured Grip Improves Ball Handling

Deep set channels give players of all skill levels better overall control. The textured surface provides a tacky grip for more accurate passing and surer dribbling. Even small hands can palm the ball with confidence. Develop next-level moves like crossovers, behind-the-back, and no-look passes without constant slips and drops.

The pebbled rubber also gives responsive feedback. Feel the gears turning on spin moves, jab steps, and pivots. Gain a better sense of touch for banking shots off the glass or lofting long balls. Dial in technique whether practicing solo or drilling with the team. Sensory feedback improves motor skills over time.

Built Tough for Versatile Training and Games

These durable balls stand up to concrete courts, blacktop surfaces, indoor gyms, and more. Bounce and rebound stay true even when the game gets competitive. Use for 3-on-3 tournaments, free play, or structured practices.

The rugged build also means less downtime chasing errant balls. When the action gets intense, these balls won’t go flat or deflate after being kicked around. Minimize delays and stay focused with minimal equipment hassles. The included pump makes it easy to reinflate if needed between sessions.

Give developing players ample equipment for skills training at home. Individual ball ownership helps instill responsibility and motivation. Kids can practice dribbling drills in the driveway, work on free throws at the park, and more. Support lifelong skills and fitness with proper sporting goods.

Coaches, Schools, and Youth Programs Love the Value

With quality this good, it’s easy to gear up an entire team without breaking the budget. Make sure the bag is full for practice rotations and scrimmages. Never wait on sidelines for a turn.

The bundle pricing also helps schools, church youth groups, Boys and Girls Clubs, and other organizations offer active programming. Let kids burn energy in a constructive way while learning teamwork and discipline. Active young bodies and minds lead to lifelong health and wellness.

Even smaller budgets can afford these recreation essentials. Help even more kids get in the game with greater quantity discounts. Support youth sports and fitness in your community with the Wettarn bulk basketball value pack.


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