Wilson JR NBA DRV Outdoor Basketball – Size 4, Rubber


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Take your game outside with the Wilson JR NBA DRV Outdoor Basketball. Designed for young players who want to develop their skills on the blacktop, this performance outdoor ball features a durable rubber cover that provides superior grip and control on rough surfaces. Whether you’re practicing dribbling, shooting, or playing pickup games, the JR NBA DRV helps elevate your outdoor play.

Built for the Blacktop

The JR NBA DRV is specifically constructed to handle the abrasive asphalt and concrete of outdoor courts. The rubber cover provides exceptional traction so you can play your best game without worrying about the ball slipping from your hands. An advanced channel design offers excellent grip while dynamic contours give you better ball control for passing, dribbling, and shooting.

Premium Materials for Long-Lasting Play

At the core of the JR NBA DRV is a butyl bladder that retains air extremely well to maintain the right bounce and shape over time. Surrounding the bladder is a fused rubber sponge layer that enhances the ball’s overall durability and structural integrity. These high-quality materials come together to create a ball built to withstand hours of outdoor recreational play.

Official Size for Proper Skill Development

The JR NBA DRV has an official basketball size four circumference so developing players can build their skills using regulation equipment. The age-appropriate smaller size is ideal for boys and girls ages 8 to 11 to properly handle the ball as they practice dribbling, passing, shooting, and other fundamental basketball techniques.

Bold NBA Logo Inspires Young Ballers

Along with its performance quality and durable construction, the eye-catching NBA logos give the ball authentic league appeal. The iconic NBA logo printed on the rubber channels the spirit of pro basketball. Young players can feel like the stars they see on TV when they sport this official NBA outdoor ball.

Take Your Game Outside

Practice makes perfect, and the JR NBA DRV gives developing youth players the performance ball they need to elevate their skills outdoors. Its superior grip and durability make it the ideal ball for:

  • Dribbling drills on the blacktop
  • Passing with friends on the playground
  • Working on ball handling skills in the driveway
  • Refining shooting technique on outdoor hoops
  • Playing pickup games at the park

The bold NBA graphics add inspiration as young athletes spend hours honing their game. Designed specifically for outdoor courts, the JR NBA DRV brings pro-level performance to blacktop pickup play.

Key Features

  • Official Size 4 Circumference: Regulation ball size designed for developing players ages 8 to 11 to properly handle and control
  • Durable Rubber Cover: Provides superior grip and traction on abrasive outdoor surfaces like asphalt and concrete
  • Butyl Bladder: Retains air extremely well for excellent shape and bounce over time
  • Rubber Sponge Lining: Enhances overall ball durability for outdoor recreational play
  • Bold NBA Logos: Iconic graphics inspire young players as they practice and play


  • Size: 4
  • Cover Material: Rubber
  • Bladder Material: Butyl Rubber
  • Surface Design: Rubber Channels
  • Official NBA Logos

The Wilson JR NBA DRV Outdoor Basketball brings the bold spirit of the NBA to developing youth players. Designed to handle rough outdoor courts, this durable performance ball gives young athletes the grip, feel, and control they need to elevate their skills outside. The ideal training and recreational ball for driveway shootarounds, playground games, blacktop practices, and park pick-up.


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