Wilson NBA Forge Pro UV Basketball with Pure Feel Size 7 – Outdoor Durability, Indoor Playability


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Experience the game like the pros with the Wilson NBA Forge Pro UV Indoor/Outdoor Basketball. This size 7 ball is designed for elite-level performance, featuring pure feel from its unique cover material and unrivaled consistency from the Ever Bounce Construction. Take your game from the blacktop to hardwood and back again with a ball that’s designed to thrive anywhere.

The Forge Pro starts with an exclusive cover material that provides a pro-level feel unlike any outdoor ball you’ve played with. The pebbling and channel design work together to give you excellent grip and control for playmaking, shooting, and ball-handling. An UV treatment brings the sleek NBA logos and design elements to life, giving the ball a unique shift in color when exposed to sunlight.

Inside, the proprietary Ever Bounce Construction maintains its shape and consistency across a variety of playing surfaces. The specialized lining enhances air retention so the ball maintains its responsiveness over time. No matter if you’re running the floor inside or crossing up defenders on the outdoor courts, the Forge Pro gives you that ideal bounce on every play.

With the Forge Pro, Wilson has engineered a basketball that brings together the best of both worlds. The cover is durable enough for concrete courts but provides a soft, high-end feel for indoor play. The Ever Bounce retained shape means you don’t have to sacrifice responsiveness when you take it outside. Designed for how the game is played today, the Forge Pro delivers versatile performance to elevate your game in any setting.

Key Features

Pure Feel Cover Material

The Forge Pro features an exclusive cover material and pebbling that provides unmatched feel and control. The soft cover with premium channels allows players to handle the ball cleanly, improving grip for moves off the dribble.

Ever Bounce Construction

Patented construction maintains the ball’s shape and bounce over time, delivering ideal and consistent playability across indoor and outdoor courts.

Real Grip

Performance composite cover material with premium channels provides outstanding durability and best-in-class grip.

Air Retention System

Specialized lining enhances air retention for excellent rebound and responsiveness over weeks of play.

UV Treatment

Color-shifting technology built into the cover reacts to sunlight for a unique aesthetic when playing outdoors.

NBA Official

Features official NBA logos and Wilson branding, mirroring the elite game balls used by the pros. Wilson is the official ball of the NBA.

Versatile Performance

Wilson engineered the Forge Pro to deliver playability that excels across playing environments. The durable cover allows for outdoor use while the feel remains suitable for indoor courts.

Outdoor Durability

The premium composite cover stands up to abrasive playing surfaces like concrete and asphalt while providing excellent grip.

Indoor Playability

Soft feel cover retains a high-end indoor feel. Combined with the Ever Bounce design, the Forge Pro feels responsive on hardwood.

Consistent Bounce

Retained shape performance ensures the ball rebounds true off the rim and backboard every time.

Elevate Your Game

Bring the Forge Pro to the courts to improve your performance through enhanced feel and more consistent play.

Better Grip and Control

Soft cover with pebbling allows you to handle the ball cleanly for better grip on moves, passes, and shots.

Ideal Touch and Feel

The cover retains a soft, indoor-like feel that improves touch on shots from the perimeter or at the rim.

Trusted Consistency

Ever Bounce Construction maintains the ball’s factory bounce so you can trust its performance anywhere.

Durable Cover

Built to withstand hours of play on a variety of court surfaces while retaining its premium grip and feel.

Bring pro-level performance to blacktops and hardwoods with the Wilson NBA Forge Pro UV Indoor/Outdoor Basketball. Order today and experience the game like never before, no matter where you play.


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