Xcello Multi-Sport Ball Set – Football, Basketball, Soccer


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Give your aspiring young athletes the ultimate equipment for playtime with the Xcello Sports Multi-Sport 3-Ball Set. This all-in-one ball set covers football, basketball, and soccer – three quintessential sports for active kids. Now your children can enjoy endless hours of backyard, driveway, or park entertainment with high-quality balls designed for competition-level durability.

Built Tough for Hours of Action

Each ball in this Xcello sports set withstands aggressive handling and repeated use from rambunctious young players. The materials and construction ensure the balls maintain their shape, air pressure, and playability for game after game of fun.

The junior composite leather football delivers a real gridiron feel. Its durable outer material and reinforced stitching enable passing, kicking, and running drills without damage. The interior bladder keeps the football firmly inflated for consistent handling and throwing.

The rubber basketball is the ideal size for small hands to grip, dribble, and shoot. The bold pebbling gives players control for drives, jump shots, and rebound battles. Its indoor/outdoor versatility makes it great for backyard hoops action.

Finally, the soccer ball meets regulation standards for size, weight, and material quality. The 32-panel synthetic leather exterior and foam cushioning layer hold up during powerful kicks and headers. With this ball, kids can emulate their favorite pros with possession skills, shots, and maneuvers.

Versatile and Engaging Playtime

This multi-sport ball set from Xcello gives kids endless options for active entertainment. Play a pickup game of two-hand touch football, practice dribbling and shooting drills for hoops skills, or kick around the soccer ball to sharpen accuracy. Solo practice helps build sport-specific abilities, while group games let kids bond and burn energy together.

The three-ball combo is great for families with multiple children. Siblings can play together, switching between sports for variety. Bring the balls to the park or a friend’s house for exciting matchups. With football, basketball, and soccer covered, kids stay engaged in play, not bored with just one ball option.

These sport balls also make great gifts for athletic youngsters. Surprise an aspiring point guard with their own indoor/outdoor basketball. Give a soccer phenom the tools to develop their footwork. Let a future Friday night quarterback get comfortable throwing and handling a football. The Xcello ball set opens up a world of active possibilities.

High Quality Construction

Each ball in this multi-sport set boasts premium materials and construction:


– Junior size for small hands and developing arms
– Composite leather cover for all-weather durability
– Reinforced seams stay securely stitched
– Interior bladder retains optimal air pressure


– Official B7 size is ideal for kids
– Durable rubber withstands indoor/outdoor play
– Pebbling provides superior grip and handling
– Vibrant two-tone colors make the ball highly visible

Soccer Ball

– Official size 5 for true ball control
– 32-panel synthetic leather exterior
– Foam cushioning layer for soft touch and energy transfer
– Machine-stitched construction maintains roundness

With heavy-duty builds optimized for backyard athletics, these balls deliver reliable performance for seasons of use. Kids can be rough during competitive games, but the Xcello set withstands this intense playtime punishment.

Inflation Made Easy

The three-ball set includes a universal inflation pump, so you’ll never have to cut short a game due to under-inflated balls. Simply use the dual-action pump to inflate each ball to optimal air pressure for ideal bounce and handling.

The pump’s durable plastic construction and metal needle nozzle make it highly functional for years. Easily fits in a pocket or bag to bring anywhere. Keep balls pumped and ready for action with this essential accessory.

High-Octane Fun for Young Athletes

Fuel your kids’ passion for sports with this all-in-one ball set from Xcello. The junior football, rubber basketball, and size 5 soccer ball unlock endless hours of healthy activity and competition. With rugged durability built to withstand aggressive young players, these balls deliver reliable fun game after game. Grab the pump and let the backyard sports action begin!


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