Xenith Pro Shoulder Pads – Versatile Protective Gear for Optimal Performance


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When stepping onto the field, having the right protective gear can make all the difference between a good game and an incredible one. Xenith’s Pro Shoulder Pads deliver versatile, lightweight protection to boost your performance during the big game.

Engineered for durability, flexibility, and ventilation, these football shoulder pads provide a pro-level blend of coverage, movement, and breathability.

Xenith offers three customizable shoulder pad options to match your position and needs:

Skill Position

With a speed-focused design, the Skill shoulder pads prioritize maneuverability for running backs, quarterbacks, wide receivers, defensive backs, and other swift positions. The lightweight, low-profile build enhances your agility on the field.


Built for maximum protection, the Lineman shoulder pads feature a larger shell and extended padding to shield linemen on both sides of the ball. The rugged construction withstands intense contact during the game.


Offering the best of both worlds, the All-Purpose Shoulder Pads balance protective coverage and lightweight flexibility. The adjustable design adapts to a wide variety of positions and play styles.

Key Features:

Energy Management System

Strategically placed vinyl cushions disperse and reduce impact energy for superior collision protection.

Adjustable Channel Pads

The shoulders feature adjustable front and back channel pads that you can tailor to match your exact body shape for a personalized fit.

Quick-Change Body Padding

Easily switch out the interior body padding to customize the thickness and coverage. Less/more padding allows you to balance mobility and protection.

Compression Molded Arch Pieces

Molded TPU arch segments align with your shoulders to provide flexible support that moves naturally with you on the field.

Comfort-Lined Arch Pieces

Soft brushed lining inside the shoulder pads eliminates chafing and irritation for all-day comfort.

Blacked-Out Hardware

Matte black hardware gives the pads a slick, professional look while preserving the heavy-duty structural integrity.

Lightweight Yet Durable Shell

The polyethylene copolymer shell resists intense impacts while remaining lightweight for speed and agility.

With Xenith’s customizable Pro Shoulder Pads, you can achieve the ideal level of protection for your position and body type. The adjustable channel pads and quick-change padding allow you to customize the fit for superior comfort, flexibility, and impact absorption.

Whether you need maximum maneuverability as a wide receiver, extra protection as an offensive tackle, or versatile coverage as a multi-position player, Xenith has you covered. Enjoy cool, dry comfort backed by rugged durability and pro-caliber performance.

Step onto the field in confidence knowing these football shoulder pads offer the ideal blend of coverage, breathability, and ergonomic flexibility. Xenith’s dedication to advanced protection and comfort empowers athletes to perform at their peak.

Dominate the gridiron this season with Xenith!


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