YILEIDE 48V 15A Golf Cart Battery Charger for Yamaha Drive/G29 Carts, 3-Pin Leaf Plug


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Power up your Yamaha Drive or G29 golf cart safely and efficiently with the YILEIDE E800W 48V 15A Golf Cart Battery Charger. Specially designed for Yamaha 48V golf carts, this smart charger restores your batteries quickly while protecting your cart’s electrical system.

Compatible with Yamaha 48V Carts

This YILEIDE golf cart charger is engineered specifically for Yamaha Drive and G29 model golf carts that run on a 48V battery system. It comes with a 3-pin Leaf Plug that connects directly to the charging port on Yamaha carts for fast, convenient charging right from your garage or wherever you store your golf cart.

With a powerful 48V 15A output, the E800W provides an efficient charge to replenish drained batteries after a long day on the course. The higher 15A output (compared to a standard 10A charger) reduces total charge times so your cart is always ready to go when you are.

Intelligent Charging Technology

An onboard microprocessor protects your golf cart batteries and electrical components during the charging process. Safety features include:

  • Input low-voltage and over-voltage protection
  • Output overload/over-voltage protection
  • Output short circuit/reverse polarity protection
  • Over temperature protection
  • Automatic shutdown when batteries are fully charged

This prevents overcharging or electrical damage that can shorten battery lifespan. The charger also avoids getting too hot during use for safety.

Durable, Waterproof Construction

The E800W golf cart charger features a tough ABS plastic housing that stands up to damp garages and outdoor use. With an IP67 waterproof rating, it can withstand splashing water and rain so you can keep your cart batteries topped off no matter the weather.

At just 3.7 pounds, the charger is lightweight and easy to move around. A built-in handle simplifies transporting it to and from the garage or cart storage area.

The input and output cables give you a generous 15 feet of total reach. This allows you to conveniently charge your Yamaha golf cart from any covered 120V household outlet.

Charging Status Indicator Lights

An LED indicator on the charger lets you monitor charging progress at a glance:

  • 0-90% charged – Green flashing light (slow pulsing)
  • 90-100% charged – Green flashing light (quick pulsing)
  • 100% fully charged – Solid green light

The indicator changes blinking speed as the batteries near a full charge so you know when cart charging is complete.


The YILEIDE E800W Golf Cart Battery Charger is specifically designed for:

  • Yamaha Drive (YDRE) golf carts
  • Yamaha G29 (4 cycle gas) golf carts

Please verify your golf cart model uses a 48V battery system before purchase. The included 3-pin Leaf Plug ensures quick installation and charging.

Premium Support

YILEIDE provides friendly customer service and support 7 days per week for any questions about setup, use, or custom orders. Contact them via Amazon messaging for prompt assistance.

For Yamaha 48V golf cart owners who want a faster, safer charging experience, the YILEIDE E800W Golf Cart Battery Charger delivers. With 15A output, robust protection features, and durable waterproof design, it keeps your batteries charged reliably season after season.


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