Zupapa 7x7ft Baseball Softball Practice Net with Batting Tee and Strike Zone – Backstop Training Set for All Ages


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Take your batting skills to the next level with the Zupapa 7x7ft Baseball Softball Practice Net Set. This complete training system includes a durable knotless net, adjustable batting tee, strike zone target, and stable steel frame to help players of all ages improve their hitting, pitching, and fielding skills.

Practice Hitting with the Large 7x7ft Knotless Net

The star of this baseball training set is the high-quality 7-ply knotless netting. The dense mesh and heat/UV-resistant construction ensure the net can withstand repetitive ball strikes and outdoor use for years.

With a large 7x7ft catching area, this backstop net easily contains buckets of balls so you spend less time chasing and more time tuning your swing. The net’s versatile size works for soft toss, pitching machines, live pitching, and tee drills. Simply set it up in your backyard, a local field, or indoor facility to elevate your batting practice anywhere.

Perfect Your Swing with the Adjustable Batting Tee

The included batting tee provides a simple, effective way to groove your swing mechanics. The height smoothly adjusts from 30.7 to 45.3 inches to accommodate players of all ages and sizes.

The sturdy, weighted rubber base keeps the tee steady during your hardest swings. The flexible ball holder cradles the ball securely and absorbs impact to protect your bat. Set the tee at different heights to work on hitting various pitch locations and improve your hand-eye coordination.

Hone Pitching Accuracy with the Full-Size Strike Zone

Take the guesswork out of perfecting your pitching accuracy with the full-size strike zone target. The yellow net square replicates the exact height and width of a regulation strike zone so you can zero in on hitting your spots.

Aim for the corners or challenge yourself to paint each section of the 3×3 grid. The visual feedback helps develop your control and build strike-throwing confidence on the mound. Quickly assess if a pitch is in or out of the zone to make faster adjustments during practice.

Durable, Sturdy Construction for Indoor/Outdoor Use

The heavy-duty frame combines steel and fiberglass poles to provide rock-solid stability for serious training. The 12.5mm fiberglass uprights deliver incredible strength and durability with corrosion resistance for outdoor and indoor use.

The 25mm steel base pipes are coated in a spry-paint finish to prevent rusting and withstand years of regular setups and takedowns. Install the included ground stakes when using outside for extra reinforcement.

Convenient Portability & Quick Setup

The entire baseball practice set packs down into an included carry bag for easy transportation. Weighing only 16.28 lbs, the portable design makes it simple to take your training gear to practices, games, or clinics.

Within minutes, one person can assemble the push-button poles, hang the net, and attach the strike zone target. When you’re done, the net quickly disassembles and stores compactly until your next session.

Built for All Ages & Skill Levels

This versatile practice setup suits players of all ages and abilities. The generous 7x7ft net provides ample space for live pitching, soft toss, tee work, or pitching machines. Adjust the batting tee height for a customized fit. Use the strike zone to develop precision pitching skills.

Whether you’re a Little League player improving fundamentals or a college athlete preparing for the next level, this batting cage setup will help you get game-ready. It’s an ideal training investment for your backyard or team practices.

Zupapa Backed by 2-Year Warranty

Shop with confidence knowing the Zupapa Baseball Softball Practice Set is backed by a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty. We proudly stand behind the quality of our sports equipment and friendly customer service.

Bring the batting cages home with the Zupapa 7x7ft Baseball Softball Practice Net Set. The complete package of a durable knotless net, adjustable batting tee, strike zone, and sturdy steel frame provides all the tools you need to perfect your swing and pitching this season.


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